Powder 1.7 Now Shipping


Hello Community,

I’m happy to report that has started shipping. Here is the blog announcement.

Cheers :smiley:


Thinner consistency? Noooooooooooo!


More about taste/texture in there than I had expected, but I guess it was all they really had to talk about.


Just ordered. Im STOAKED that both the consistency is thinner and the flavor is more neutral. 1.6 was so sweet I got sick from the taste. (I also dont consume sugar/alts at all when not eating soylent).


So, algae was replaced with algae? Less sweet - yay! Thinner - boo! More sodium - boo! No bulk canisters - boo! Overall, congrats on shipping.


Algal flour was removed. Algal oil has been in Soylent powder since 1.2 or so, when they removed the fish oil. Algal oil is also in 2.0 and Coffiest.


Curious what replaces the algal flour nutritionally. Will patiently await the spreadsheet. Meanwhile, they still can’t publish release notes at release. :slight_smile:


They’ve been up for a while now (since the product went live, I assume); I linked them in the other thread.

Soylent 1.7 Release Notes [PDF]
Soylent 1.7 Nutrition Facts [PDF]

My first guess was an increase in the other macronutrient sources already present.


Wasn’t the email sent the day before yesterday (Dec 13th)? If your order was billed on December 10th wasn’t that before they sent out the email?


You’re not getting a 404?


Nope. I cleared my cache just to make sure. Maybe it’s a connection issue on your end.

So you’re saying they billed you on the 15th but dated it to the 10th? That seems unlike any experience I’ve ever had. When was the prior order billed? You can check in your order history.


Ok they uploaded it now. But it doesn’t say what takes the place of the algal flour.


I admit it seems odd and on thinking about it, it is possible that I misread my order history when I checked it on the 13th. For reference, my last order was delivered on the 15th of November, EDIT: it was billed on the 10th.

I tend to get really jumpy with online purchases that seem even slightly sketchy to me these days, as I’ve been screwed over several times in the relatively recent past and that seems to be the case here (EDIT: Me getting jumpy, not me getting screwed over). Deleting my previous post so as not to clog the forums with inaccurate info.


Can’t you just buy xantham gum and add it yourself? I think I will if it is too watery.



Just in case you didn’t see that joke the first 32,109 times it was made on the FB page.


My expectation is extra algal oil for the fats and a little more maltodextrin to powder it (replacing the carbs lost from the flour). My reasoning is because fibre has dropped very slightly (algal flour is ~19-20% fibre, whilst the oil isn’t), and high oleic algal flour is now above isomaltooligosaccharide in the ingredients list (in 1.6 it was below).


Why does the algal oil taste less strong than the flour?


From my experience, algal oil doesn’t have much of a taste. However, nor does the flour, it just tastes a little like fish food if you’ve ever got that in your mouth accidentally. The only reason 8.5g in 500g of powder would have an effect on taste is because Soylent is so neutral - I’ve honestly always had my doubts it had an effect at all with so little in that much powder.


Ah. Rosa Foods nee Soylent nee Rosa Labs mee Meow Global Networks said they loaded it up with sugar to cover the algae taste, but I trust you more.


I highly doubt they’re lying. I never tested it with a neutral profile, so it may have had a larger effect in something like Soylent than in my experiments. Also, I got mine from the UK sister company of the one RL get theirs from, so it’s possible the production process is different, making the taste of one stronger than the other.

I think the isomaltulose addition is actually really good even if it has to be labelled as a sugar, as its GI is really low (and it isn’t really too sweet). And bearing in mind the powder’s GI isn’t high, instead being on the lower side of medium, I don’t think it’s necessarily an issue.