Powder form of fat?


has anyone looked into this at all? I’m thinking for minerals and vitamins I’ll just pop tablets but if I could find a dry form of fat I could seperate a months supply into individual tupperware and save myself some time measuring out oils and such every day. I’ve done some preliminary research but was wondering if others had tried this out.


You can make fat into a powder with tapioca maltodextrin. It doesn’t seem very hard.


The official Soylent mix is using powdered MCT oil. It’s hard to find in single consumer quantities though. So far, the only place I’ve found it is at a UK online nutrition store.


Seriously. This is how easy it is.

There are a lot of videos about it.


Im going to share my secret source of powdered fat with you. I use a combination of powdered MCT and powdered Flaxseed oil. So far it is the only and cheapest source of powdered oil I have found. Plus, hey, you dont have to make it yourself :wink:



tapioca maltodextrin has calories of its own though right? - presumably this is a fast release carb source?


I would assume so. I’m not sure what the difference really is between tapioca and regular maltodextrin.


Some fats are solid… (lard, palm fat, coconut oil, …) but you would probably overdo the saturated fats (which make the fats solid). You might compensate with specific unsaturated fats (which do come in pill form, like fishoil or an omega-3-6-9 capsule)…


so I’m seeing a maximum rda of 20g for saturated fats, overall fat content at 20-35% of calorie content. The numbers check out, flaxseed oil is almost entirely unsaturated.


Hmm, at 32g of fat a day it’s $60 with the dry fat from the links above. We need to find a cheaper source, something like $10-15 a month.


Dont forget that the Soy Lecithin you put in your shake has a very high fat content level. If I were you I would balance the mtc powder with the lecithin.