Powder Mixing Machine?

We’d love to purchase a mixing machine, similar to the paint mixers in hardware stores. The idea is that you would add Soylent 1.5 powder to water in the supplied 2000 ml flask, then place the flask into the mixer where it would shake for 5 minutes and get rid of all the clumps and adherent material.

Does anyone know about a product like this?

Thank you!

Nope, but you can accomplish much the same with a long immersion blender.



(Maybe something like these?)

Really, I don’t think it is needed, though. As long as you don’t add powder before the initial layer of water, and follow all the other directions (shaking just a little) then leave it to soak for an hour or two in the fridge, all the clumps should be gone. It has always worked for me, anyway. Just make sure not to add powder to the container before water, because that will cause it to stick to the bottom.

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These seem rather expensive, you could probably make one for FAR less (and as you are drinking Soylent rather than cooking, you should have plenty of time for the build too LOL).

I actually always add powder first. I am mixing in blender bottles not the pitcher which might help. 1.5 mixes great for me.

True. Also, most people have a free one attached to their upper torso.


I don’t think you realize how powerful those shaker machines are.
People wouldn’t pay hundreds of dollars if they were no better than arms.

That is good that it works well for you. It just always seems to require more shaking to break up when I add the powder first.

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Aaah, good ol’ Harbor Freight. Forgot about them.

…and you can find 20% or 25% off coupons everywhere for Harbor Freight, which would lower the cost even more to under a hundred dollars.

But seriously, I think the Soylent team’s next step is to produce solid Soylent crackers or tarts or something, so that no mixing is required and there isn’t any water weight as with the bottles.

That doesn’t really help the OP in the meantime I guess, but c’est la vie.

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Just use an immersion blender. Or, if you have a power drill around you can just stick a paint mixer attachment on that. Basically the same thing.

Those paint can shakers are really overkill for mixing Soylent anyway.

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I add water first and last. I add enough water to go above blender ball, then add powder, then add rest of water.

Of course I just drink Soylent 2.0 now.

Thanks to all for suggestions. I’ll try to add water first (cuz now it’s powder first) and see if that helps with the clumping issue.

All the mechanical shakers look intriguing, but:

  1. Wonder if they would hold the Soylent pitcher rather than a standard pint or gallon paint can
  2. They all seem to be pneumatically powered- didn’t see one that would go with an electrical plug in the kitchen.


I add the powder first to the pitcher and then add about 1/2 of the required water (this fills the pitcher up to about 2/3 full). Then I close the lid and shake until it’s fairly well mixed. (sometimes there are clumps at the bottom but most of the time I can do it without anything sticking to the bottom). After this the pitcher is about 1/2 full. At this point I grab the immersion blender and mix it all up. This step gets rid of any clumps. Then finally I add the rest of the water and shake again. The whole process takes about 5min.

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