Powder Soylent tastes way better with cocoa powder added

So I’ve read about people flavoring their Soylent in the past, but I never bothered because I wanted to be a “Soylent purist” so to speak.

But that was months ago when I was still consuming one of the past versions of powdered Soylent which I thought already tasted great (the oil packet + powder combo).

Recently I bought Soylent 1.5 and frankly, I thought it tasted much worse. Much more like pancake batter, and less like a sugary smoothie like the past version of Soylent (1.2?) that I had.

So I decided to try some flavoring. I added two spoons of cocoa powder and mixed them to my glass of Soylent this morning and wow - the taste is remarkably better. The chocolate flavor isn’t strong at all, just enough to balance it out so it no longer tastes like pancake batter.

I think I will be flavoring all of my powdered Soylent from now on. At least until they release a new version that tastes better than their current one.

Oh, and one pro-tip: To add cocoa powder, you have to blend it into the Soylent. The Soylent is too thick to stir it in properly, all the powder just ends up not mixed well with the Soylent.


Try mixing the cocoa into the powder before you add water. You might not need a blender.


Could you show us a picture of this spoon, perhaps with a banana, for scale?


Before switching to 2.0 I added cocoa powder to my Soylent (1.1, 1.4, 1.5) and you need quite a bit to get much flavor using a whole pouch, at least two tablespoons, I typically used three tablespoons.

I couldn’t find a picture of a tablespoon next to a banana, but the spoons on either side of the picture are teaspoons, a tablespoon is three teaspoons.


I’ve been adding 2tbsp of Hershey’s Dark Cocoa powder to each pitcher. It definitely makes it more palatable.

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I’m betting the “good” Soylent was 1.3, which was still the best powdered version, IMO. And the powdered versions I find much, much more satisfying/filling than 2,0, which is otherwise preferable. I find all of the versions have tasted better with flavoring. Vanilla is still my go-to for 1.5, but I’ve brought PB2 back into the fold with some very satisfying results. The cocoa is on deck; I always liked it but for some reason haven’t added it in a while.

When I was first exploring Soylent as an option back in the Prehistoric era of May 2014, I was concerned by the lack of added flavor. Now, it’s one of my favorite aspects of it, since I can flavor it how I like, with great ease. I almost feel like a cook. Well, not really.


I use the water enhancers like crystal light, and GV flavors. My favorite breakfast is the strawberry lemonade from crystal light. Squirt about two or three times and it makes your Soylent taste like a jelly filled donuts, and crystal light is calorie free.

I treied this and found it nearly unpalatable. OMG- Bleh… to each their own.