Powder vs Liquid: Which do you prefer?

I’m surprised that people are still consuming the powder. Once 2.0 came out I never looked back. About 6 months ago I was waiting on my 2.0 to arrive and decided to mix up a batch of 1.6 that I had laying around. After going through my usual routine (dump the bag into a 48 oz blender and fill it up with water, blend for 30 seconds, add more water, blend for another 30-60 seconds, add cocoa powder, blend some more, chill for about 4 hours) I went to go drink a glass…and nearly vomited at how revolting it tasted compared to my dear 2.0 haha I forgot how much I hated the taste of the powder. I got used to it over time, but never really enjoyed it, I drank it because it was easy and nutritious. As for 2.0, I actually enjoy drinking it, probably because it’s not thick/gritty and doesn’t have that odd sour/sweet taste that was always so hard to describe.

My biggest problem with the powder was to remember to consume the whole pitcher within 3 days. I think I have PTSD from drinking rancid Soylent haha (fridge was around 50 degrees F for some reason and the Soylent curdled after about 36-48 hours, and when it touched my tongue it was a thick, sour mass, the taste wouldn;t leave my mouth for hours) so after that experience I would throw the batch out if I couldn’t remember how long it had been since I made it. With 2.0 there is no such problem since I normally kill a bottle in anywhere from 1-10 minutes haha. Also 2.0 is a hell of a lot more portable and storable.

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I feel like we’ve had this discussion before, but I would prefer the powder if it tasted like 2.0. That’s my biggest sticking point. I’m not a fan of the bottles, higher price, etc.; although I would continue to drink 2.0 occasionally for convenience (on the go especially), I’d really like to replace it with an equivalent powder product if that ever becomes possible.


I’m fine with the flavor of powder (other than 1.6), and liquid. I prefer the powder because it costs so much less and takes up so much less room when I store it.

I don’t mind the mixing process, and my Soylent never goes more than 3 or 4 days before it’s gone!

1.5 is the best
Then 1.6
Then 2.0

1.5 is the most saiting.
1.6 has the best flavor and mouthfeel.
2.0 is the most convenient.

I’m still on 1.5, but I bought some 2.0 so I don’t have an excuse to go out for fast food on the days I forget to make the powder. I haven’t even tried 1.6 because I still haven’t finished off my backlog of 1.5, which I should be done with by march if I go through 3 bags a week. All my 1.5 expires in march, but some days I can barely stomach the taste of it & am beginning to suspect Rosa Labs overestimated it’s shelf life.

Once I’m done with my powder, I’m sticking with the liquid, since it seems better in every way except price.

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There were certain lots of 1.5 that were worse tasting than others. Curiosly, why did you buy so much?

I thought I would go through it faster than I did. I just kept putting it away & didn’t realize how much I had stockpiled before I canceled my subscription. Last time I ordered any powder was over a year ago.

I even tried to sell some to people who didn’t like 1.6, just so I could move on to 2.0, but because I wouldn’t settle for anything less than breaking-even, I never got any takers.

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I had a strange sense of Deja Vu also when typing it up hahah.

I think the last version I had was 1.5. I ended up doing the same thing as you and had a stockpile that lasted me a good 9 months hahaha I ended up selling about 20+ bags I had left over once I switched to 2.0.

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I really prefer 1.6 over 2.0. I keep some 2.0 around to grab as I go out the door on a busy day but the flavor and consistency is just not as good as 1.6. I look forward to my1.6 meals where 2.0 is more like “I will use this in a pinch but I’m not looking forward to drinking it.” YMMV.


To each his own! Hahaha

After switching to 2.0 I went back at some point and mixed up some 1.5 and it tasted terrible!
I’m sure if that was all I was drinking I would get used to it and it would taste good again.

I switched to 2.0 before 1.6 came out so I never got a chance to try that.


1.6 is the best because i’m trying to lose weight and it makes me vomit the most.


That same thing happened to me when I went back to 1.5 after 1.6. Maybe 1.5 did “expire” early.

I’ve always preferred powder, I always felt like it satisfied my hunger much better than 2.0 does. Not sure why, but it just seems to have more substance to it. 2.0 keeps me going but my stomach is perpetually complaining regardless.

Not to mention the cost difference…2.0 is great when you’re on the move all day and don’t have a refrigerator handy.

Are you joking or serious? If serious, how many times have you had 1.6 and how many times has it made you vomit?

the post was a joke, but if i make the 1.6 powder, i’m 9/10 times likely to vomit a few hours later.

For me:

2.0 = best flavour AND best mouthfeel

The price is the sticking point for most. And I don’t blame those folks at all, I totally understand & agree.

If the powder version had the exact same taste + mouthfeel as 2.0, then perhaps I would switch back.


I found I spent approximately the same amount of time “doing dishes” + “prep time” when I was using the powder vs. only using “regular food”. I understand that many folks would have a different ratio on that front, but for myself & many others, the convenience factor is a big one.

As a bonus*, the liquid versions haven’t had any major upsetting issues, unlike the powder & solid form factors. What has there been, a Vitamin C glitch (nothing nearing nonconsumable/recall level) and a miniscule % of mold-under-the-cap concerns?

*As in, this bit isn’t worth arguing over either way - although I know somebody will object as if it nullifies the entire post anyway, which it won’t and can’t. Me posting this tidbit [somewhat/trivially, in their view] complicates the would-be arguer’s potential rebuttal post and leaves a few (easily) anticipated rebuttals, but they are trivial, null and void & not worth any energy and thus I shall stop here, and simply/smartly ignore them. Plus, I’m an asshole. :smirk:


I am glad that 2.0 hasn’t changed while 1.6/1.7 is. 2.0 and 1.6 were the first versions of the Soylent product that I could use without horrible farts. I’m afraid that with 1.7 they might bring back whatever was causing me trouble. I need at least one of Rosa Labs products to be usable at any time. Otherwise I need a couple weeks to start sourcing my DIY ingredients again.

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