Powderd Super foods Recipe? No Soy,Gluten,Wheat,Yeast,Sugars


I am trying to put together a natural recipe with as few main ingredients as possible, I know I would like to incorporate chlorella, spirulina or hemp for the protein (maybe mixture of all 3) along with coconut oil but am stuck what to do for carbs, the rest I could even settle on using actual chem powders.

I do however think perhaps some of the other super food powders could be incorporated into this, such as wheatgrass powder or kelp.

I think the allergies I have along with not being able to tolerate sugars at all due to candida infection are making this all the more difficult.

The primary reason for doing this I have IBD and have already tried Ensure and similar products but they seems to really sit unwell with me, I am 99.99% sure it is all the artificial crap they add into it and if I were to try Soylent alone it would likely work.

In fact that has been touted as an option but would require TPN which is expensive even though the raw ingredients are dirt cheap, this would allow a much needed rest for my digestive system.

The thing is before I throw in the towel and just try a carbon copy of the latest version of official ingredients, am hoping to settle on doing this with real foods or at least a combination.

Ideas would be most welcome.


For carbs I would use sesame flour. It has a very even concentration of many nutrients and so is extremely useful when building a food-based soylent.


140g gives you

43g protein
38.5g carbs
52g fat

250% thiamin
100% niacin
100% iron
100% magnesium
100% phosphorus
100% zinc
100% copper
100% manganese

Well I guess the only problem is it doesn’t have much carbs. But either way it’s useful in a food-based soylent.

Another useful food product would be sun-dried tomatoes which are also very high in many nutrients.


have you looked into ultimate meal?

That could be your base, maybe spirutein to round out the vitamins and then some hemp and pea protein powder , probably would still need potassium, calcium and sodium but I’m not a computer.


After doing some research I came to the conclusion that coconut oil is actually not good for you. It’s almost entirely saturated fats. It’s becoming increasingly popular because of the popularity of coconut water


@elimford Have you done any research into whether or not saturated fats are bad for you?

@nata Don’t worry too much about carbs. You don’t actually need any at all, though going below about 50g per day does have its own complications.


Ultimate meal looks pretty complete, if I can figure out whats missing I would like to try it out.