Powdered Chlorella for Vitamin K?


I’m looking for a way to meet the RDA of Vitamin K in my most recent recipe. While looking online, I found this powder that seems like it might fit the bill - but I don’t know anything about Chlorella aside from the fact that it’s derived from some kind of algae.

Does anyone have experience in taking Chlorella as a supplement? I’m about the farthest thing possible from a nutritionist, so I’d also be very grateful for perspectives on whether this would be a good thing to add to my recipe.

Thanks so very much in advance. I’m just getting started on this site, and I’ve been really impressed with everyone’s thoughtfulness and willingness to help!


I use Thorne Research - Vitamin D/K2 Liquid. One drop brings my recipe to RDA for Vitamin K.


Thanks for the tip. Is there any discernible taste at that tiny volume?


The taste should be completely undetectable.


@BriBy, just wanted to follow up and thank you for the tip. I bought a bottle and added it into my recipe - no muss, no fuss.

Much obliged!


You are welcome! It was completely my privilege.