Powdered Fat/Oil Sources


I’ve got a competition in Korea coming up soon and, since I’m not entirely trusting of what cuisine will be available (no offense to fans of real Korean food), I’d like to bring at least some soylent with me. However, I’d rather bring it all in a powdered form and not have to bother bringing along a separate container of oil. Also the convenience of being able to just throw powder into a shaker bottle and go while on the road is very appealing.

I’ve found two ideas that could help, MCT oil powder (such as from truenutrition.com) and the idea of mixing olive oil with maltodextrin to make a powder. I tried that with some MCT oil I had, and it seems to work well, but I don’t know how long that will keep or how easy it will be to travel with oily powder.

Anyone tried anything like this or have any suggestions?


My only comment is that if you’re getting on a plane with a large container of powder, be prepared to be pulled aside and possibly lose the powder.


Having large nondescript bags of protein/carb powder in my checked luggage while traveling international has, interestingly enough, never been a problem


That may make all the difference. I don’t believe a checked bag goes through an X-Ray machine, but I could only imagine the look on a security agent’s face if they saw a baggie full of powder on one of those.


Korean grocery stores will carry olive oil, sunflower oil, and a few others. If you’re going to be there for a while, see if one of your hosts can take you to Costco. I buy large things of olive oil and coconut oil pretty cheaply at a costco in Taiwan, and they should carry it in their Korean stores.