"Powdered food: is this the terrifying future of dining?"


Another article on Huel and Soylent from The Telegraph in the UK: “Powdered food: is this the terrifying future of dining?

I’m not sure why Huel is getting so much press right now.

Embarrassing international situation

I believe they’ve hired a very good PR firm.
A small company in a saturated market wouldn’t get this kind of press organically.

Negative/shocking publicity = more eyeballs on their website’s sales page.


That is a definite possibility. Also, apparently Huel is made in the UK, which might indicate a little bit why the UK press is covering them so much. Their website is pretty nice.


Personally, a white bag filled with powder absolutely horrifies me. I haven’t slept in 9 days and I refuse to go out on my front porch. Because I know… itit waits…

Great article though. Pretty interesting articles listed below it…

There’s also about 5 articles listed, in a row, that are about peas. Fascinating.



So what? If such a thing doesn’t interest you, don’t eat there. Don’t worry what other people do, it’s none of your business.

Muggle food isn’t going any where. Relax.

You’re the one being divisive. It’s not an all or nothing thing. Sit back, eat one of your comfort foods, and chill.


Seems everything has to have “sides” these days, you can’t just have multiple options. That would be anarchy.


Huel looks pretty good. Balanced macros. Tasty oats.