Powdered food made into chicken

I watched this video the other day about a company called Beyond Meat that takes pea protein and makes beef and chicken products. I looked them up online and found that a Walmart near me had them so I did go by and picked up some. I also found another product doing the same exact thing called Gardein but they had some orange chicken that you heat up and add the orange sauce… both of the products were actually good and tasted just like the real thing. I am just amazed that a powdered food could be made in this way.

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In my experience, whenever someone says that a meat substitute tastes like the real thing, they either have an impaired sense of smell/taste, or they have never eaten the real thing… lol


I would agree to you on that but this was not bad at all… I was getting everyone else to try it and not telling them what it was.


There is another company called Impossible foods that does the same thing.

i very much like gardein’s products - some unmeats are hard for me to digest, but theirs are tasty and don’t give me any trouble.

I’ve had some Gardein products and they’re OK.

The only vegan substitute I’ve ever gone back for is the So Delicious coconut milk “ice creams”. They taste almost like the real thing (obviously with a strong coconut component – the chocolate version tastes exactly like what you’d imagine chocolate coconut ice cream to be), but are WAY healthier in terms of calories (less), fat (less) and fiber (a lot more).

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