Powdered Oils, keto

So with all this new talk about powdered Oils…

I’m on DIY Keto… and was wondering if you can powder oil with Potato starch? From what I read, potato starch if consumed cold is resistant to digesting and good for gut flora. So you could have powdered oil without adding hardly any carbs or knocking you out of ketosis…

Can anyone else weigh in on this? thoughts?

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I’ve just about got a new version of my keto recipe worked out that will be 100% powder. Haven’t really worked on it for a week or two though, life’s just been too busy of late.

I found powdered replacements for everything, though I haven’t found the right source yet for the powdered fish oil, everything I’d seen had been geared towards large bulk orders, and I’ll only be using a few grams a day… So, if anyone has a good source of powdered Omega oils I’d love to hear about it…

I’ve never looked at potato starch before though, I’ll have to check into it to see how well it’d work. Thanks.

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Apparently Potato starch is like a third type of fiber, your body won’t eat it (if its cold) but your gut flora will eat it, and that gut floras poop is a type of fat we can use for energy… Its weird…

Do you have a link to your beta recipe at all?


PM’d you the link, not ready to make it public yet.

I did find a more available powdered fish oil, it’s meant for pets, but I’ve not yet seen a reason it won’t work for our purpose.

If anyone knows a good keto freindly source for powdered MCT’s please let us know. I’ve found a couple of options, but they’re not available in the US, or are medical use and mega expensive.

Is this one just too expensive?

We are looking for a powder to use in keto recipes, so the carb count needs to be much lower that that product, which is about 50/50 fat/carbs. From what I’ve seen that company did offer a low carb option within the last year, but I have not been able to find it available anywhere.

Oh, yeah, should have noticed that detail. I can see how powdering without adding carbs is going to be hard to locate!

The frustrating thing is the powders I’m looking for are available… just not in the US, or if they are they are sold in bulk quantities meant for industrial operations. Maybe I should start selling my brew so I have an excuse to buy this stuff by the palette, there seems to be a good market for it… :wink:

Hey @kennufs, do you have the recipe somewhere public already? Or would you be willing to send me the link too? It would be very interesting to see how you managed to replace all the fats in a keto recipe with powder.

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