Powdered price rise

I am a little surprised to see the cost of a month subscription for soylent powder is now $280 and it is no longer possible to get a month supply for $255.

I had long thought a price rise was more likely than a price drop - Rosa Labs has said they kept their margin purposely low, they are still changing ingredients and need some leeway to keep the quality high, and food prices tend to rise over time - not drop like technology. However, I had taken some hope from Rob’s recent comments on Reddit that they were hoping to do a price drop.

Hopefully they will be able to do their price reduction before it has to be raised again.


I see what is happening with the price. They are no long giving us a break for ordering in bulk. The 1 week price is the same but 4*70=280. So the price of the powder hasn’t really gone up they just got rid of the bulk discount.

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Technically not a rice in price. They eliminated the discount for bulk purchases…

I am guessing that doesn’t allay your concerns, however.

@Conor wrote in another thread that users already taking advantage of the discount will be grandfathered in (continue receiving the discounted prices).

I am guessing RL just wants to create one baseline price option, to simplify the price structure. More so now that they have to include a second price for the premixed Soylent 2.0. In the same thread, @Conor reiterated that it is still vary much a priority for RL to bring prices down. In my own convoluted way of thinking, eliminating the subscription discount makes this easier, and I’m actually optimistic (for the first time) that a price decrease is coming sooner than later.

Please note, all of this is my personal speculation. I remain frustrated that @rob doesn’t clear these moves with me first.

Happy to be grandfathered in…

It is nice that going forward there are more options (both powder and drink) with regard to monthly quantities.

Actually it looks more like they got rid of the bulk buy discount. There is still a subscription discount.

Continuing the discussion from Soylent 2.0: Use Less. Do More:

@wezaleff noticed this. Not only is Soylent 2.0 more expensive but also Soylent 1.5. For the larger quantities at least. On soylent.me, click on Powder and 112 meals is now $280 with subscription instead of $255.

Existing subscribers are grandfathered in at their current price - Soylent 2.0: Use Less. Do More

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Surely, you guys have got to be kidding? Soylent is great, but you guys just let it get to your heads.

Remember you guys had this noble idea of making healthy nutrition available all over the planet at a reasonable price?

It’s in the AMA somewhere, don’t really care to find it to be honest, I’m out.

Farewell, cancelling all my subscriptions today.

Enjoy the “Will pay at any cost” crowd…


And it is $360 without subscription! :open_mouth:

glad I am grandfathered in as well

i dont care that I’m grandfathered, its their attitude that bothers me…

“price drop is a goal” lol… get out of here.

Oh and good job on removing the discourse link on soylent.com


It is insane Soylent have increased the price even though they keep claiming it is their goal to be cheaper.


I believe the rice in price has been replaced with soy in 2.0 :smile:


How dare they???


They got rid of the discount, but they say they are still planning to lower the price:


It’s a 10% price hike for monthly subscribers (which could be the most valuable customers). Drink that Kool-Aid as much as you want, but it’s not “getting rid of discount”, “streamlining” or whatever, it’s a price hike, making dent in monthly budget.
I like how marketing went from $xx per 3 meals, to 4 meals, now it’s $2 per 5 meals.
I don’t believe we’ll get a price drop, and even that grandfathered in price will end when they switch us to new formulation.


The increase to 5 meals is likely due to the size of the liquid container and not wanting to make it too big.
(…and then, subsequently, wanting to standardize across liquid and powder so people can compare apples to apples.)

However, I agree that it does feel a bit like marketing to go from price per 3 meals to 4, then to 5 which lowers the perceived cost.


Totally understandable that you are upset that the stopped bulk discounts for new users.

But, no need to start looking for additional things to fault. It detracts from your original complaint.

They didn’t. Reddit over Discourse?


Except that it was a discount, and was always clearly labeled as a discount. The price per bag is unchanged, you were just saving money by buying in bulk. That’s a discount.


You people do realize buying in bulk almost always is discounted right? That is the purpose of buying in bulk. So claiming that because it was a “discount” it is not a price hike is absurd.


Bulk discounts are part of pricing structure. If you remove them you effectively raise the price for some customers. And most companies including RL usually put it up front in marketing, listing the lowest bulk price as typical. Guess what, it just went up.

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I don’t need an education in economics or business, nor do I need to know the complexities of Rosa Labs’ operations! I don’t even need to be one of their accountants.

If I say the price is too much, it’s too
much damnit! My opinion is an objective fact!