Powdered price rise


A pice cut is in the works, we did not increase the price. We removed the bulk discount.


Thanks for replying. That is unfortunate. What was the reason for removing the bulk discount? Surely that wasn’t being abused? Aren’t the bulk users usually the ones who are the biggest promoters?


Removal of a discount is effectively the same as raising the price. I seriously hope you don’t fail to see the difference. This is one of the reasons why I hold strong to the 3rd party market like r/soylentmarket.


When we had one product it work, but going forward we will have more product so we need to stream line pricing sooner as apposed to later. There will be a price cut many people will be thrilled about happening soon.


I understand, completely.


Now this is a promise, and here it is being repeated.

Do you like the sound of pre-mixed vs. powdered, or the 2.0 formula?

Congratulations, you know the dictionary definition of “promise”.

So do I. However, do you happen to know the dictionary definition of “implicit”?

“Implied though not plainly expressed.” An implicit promise.

That is the kind of promise I feel that RL was making.

No big deal; RL’s main job is to stay in business.


Care to share your convoluted thoughts? :stuck_out_tongue: Am curious


Well before you had to calculate how much a single bag cost if you bought “bulk” vs smaller amounts. The new pricing scheme everyone pays the same amount, no one “feels” ripped off. Kind of like how TWC/Comcast offer new customers discounts leaving their current customers feeling extremely ripped off, if they offered everyone the same price no one “feels” ripped off. lol thats the best I could do.

As a community lets hold them to their “promise” of lowering the price in the near future. Lets not forget that a little over half a year ago they could barely ship out orders on time but they’ve fixed that problem.


Come to think of it, I agree completely with you. Not convoluted at all :grin:


I sure am glad I already subscribed! The combined discounts from subscribing and buying in bulk are what made Soylent affordable for me. The standard price is too high :frowning: Nice to know that the price cut is supposedly “soon”, but will the price “cut” end up reflecting what the bulk discount used to be? If that’s the case, it won’t make any difference for long-time subscribers.


Not too thrilled about this. Thankful for the grandfathering.

This just seems like a boneheaded VC move. Pour too much water on the fire and it goes out.


Sure. I tried to spell it out previously, earlier in the quote you pulled. Convoluted, admittedly. But since then, @Conor weighted in more eloquently.

I thought it would be simpler to cut prices if they are streamlined. Remove the different tiers (different price for bulk purchase), then just do one, product-wide cut.


Irrelevant for folks who hadn’t subscribed yet.

Yes, and when they do so, it’s called a price increase.


If I pay more for something now than I did previously, that’s a price increase for me.

(Saying anything otherwise is playing semantics / blind fanboyism.)


I just realized that a price cut would mean that the ‘7 week supply’ would cost less than $70 which was what it costed before they ‘got rid of the bulk discount’.


Will you be paying more?

(And honestly, it is simplistic and dismissive thet, when people disagree with someone, that person is labeled fanboy. It is possible to see an issue different and not be blind or a fanboy. It is a label that is being used liberally to discount other people’s posts. I don’t go around dismissing others as haters; their views hold value, whether I agree or not.)


Last month I bought Coke. It was on sale, three 12-packs for $10. Yesterday I went to the same store, I bought a 12-pack of Coke for the regular price of $5.79.

I don’t believe Coke (or Giant) raised the price of Coke on me.


Deflecting. (like a fanboy :stuck_out_tongue: )


So I guess the message for potential new customers (who are not grandfathered) is: don’t buy now, wait a few months for the price to come back down.

Doesn’t really seem like a good business practice to me… But what do I know about business…