Powdered price rise

It was a discount, and was clearly labeled as a discount on any marketing material I ever saw.

If Wal Mart has something on sale one week and the next week they don’t, do you go protest in front of their store about price hikes?

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Interesting analogy of Walmart leftover stock shelf crap to monthly bulk subscription that wasn’t marketed as limited time. And another one, of me voicing opinion here versus protesting in front of store.

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Interesting dodge of the point. Your complaining that a discount no longer exists, which is especially funny since you would be grandfathered into that discount.

Prices change all the time, discounts are re-evaluated and terminated, things go on sale and things are taken off of sale. Welcome to the real world.

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I wonder if the big-money investors are now starting to guide the ship more?


The reason that companies off a bulk discount is that ordering in bulk lowers the sales cost and companies think that is worth passing on.

For example, I could now order one week at a time (4 orders) rather than a 4 week order. Order fulfillment / courier costs would rise on their part. How could they incentivize me to consolidate my orders aside from kicking me off the customer list?

Edited to add: A one week order fits nicely into my apartment’s delivery box. Anything more in an order and I have to traipse down to the post office. So ordering a week at a time would be a gain for me.


I suspect that the volume discount was more about driving up Soylent sakes volume than about any particular economies in shipping and such. My two-week subscription order is 2 one-week boxes inside a third, larger box.


That is a good point, Eve. In theory, someone could get a smaller order delivered once a week now instead of a larger order once a month, and the price would be the same for them. That would, however, be much more expensive for the company. In reality, I am not sure how many people will do that, but it is a good point to consider.

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I think both eve and runngdog make very good points. Perhaps its a combination of both these reasons that is responsible?

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The removal of a recurring discount is an increase in price for those who were ordering under the parameters of the discount. With Soylent, it was possible to operate entirely under those parameters.

It’s very common for companies to always offer discounts for recurring bulk purchases of a product. I’m unclear on why people don’t understand this. This is not the same thing as a sale at a Wal-Mart, which is a one-off event designed to move leftover stock quickly. This was a mechanism built into the pricing structure to encourage recurring bulk consumption, not to move left-over stock.


@Conor Are our accounts grandfathered in or are the subscriptions grandfathered? Like if I switch my 2 week subscription to a 1 week then back the next month then will the 2 week price be $130 ? or will it be the new $140 price?


Yes :smile: You will be taken care of.


Forgive me if I think that was a non answer…so you’re saying my account is ‘grandfathered’? A 2 week subscription will always cost $130 rather than the new prices shown on the website?

If you are a subscriber all subscription prices remain the same for you.


This price increase is very unfortunate. I’ve been intending to do the 12-month subscription (at $255) for a few days, but had been waiting to hear back from Soylent Customer Support on a question that I had before I subscribed. If I had known that prices were going to rise, I would have just subscribed.

What ever happened to companies selling price increases to their customers before increasing prices? This just raising prices without warning anyone (especially considering there are many people out there who seem to rely on this foodstuff lately) by methods that are tried-and-true (such as email) isn’t very pro-consumer. As an original backer and someone who has ordered previously, I know Soylent has my email address… would it have hurt to send me and everyone else an email warning of the price increase a few weeks in advance?

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Yup, making it more expensive to live off of (especially after promising to make it cheaper) is very disappointing. I don’t really care why they did it, what you call it, or whether the new price is fair – I’m bummed that if I decide to buy it this month, I won’t have the extra $25 I had expected.

Maybe I’m being shortsighted. I hope their decision will be beneficial in the long run.


And since your grandfathered in, you still can.

Yes, and it is also common for companies to change those terms whenever they want.

And yes it is not “exactly the same” as Wal Mart clearing unwanted inventory, but since when do analogies have to 110% match up? In both cases a discount is ended, but for some reason you feel the need to bitch about a discount you aren’t even actually losing.

So it would be like Wal Mart ending a sale, but deciding to let you keep getting the sale price and you bitch about it.

This will probably force my hand into looking for alternatives. Was fun while it lasted.

True, just like it’s common for them to ditch grandfathered-in pricing.
Despite Rob’s vision/talking points about pushing the price down, it went UP. For some, this is sign of things to come, a cycle of price-based profit driving that we were hoping RL would be able to resist a bit longer.


This is a price increase, in direct violation of repeated promises to customers. It flies in the face of the stated philosophy of the company. The fact that they have agreed to grandfather current subscribers is an additional indicator that this is not seen as a temporary action, it seems to me.

If right now someone wants to subscribe to a month’s worth of powdered Soylent, I gather that they can’t do it without contacting customer service.

There must be interesting reasons for RL to change direction so violently. I am not hearing a rational explanation for this action. My guess is that RL has made a deal with the devil based on long-run calculations.

I plan to stay with Soylent for as long as I can. But I am dismayed by this change. I am happy about the new formulation. Price is definitely a big issue, however.


You can still subscribe to a month’s worth of powdered Soylent via the website.
(There are three options at the top: “Drink”, “Powder”, and “All Products”. Presumably there will be other products added at some point, like solid form.)