Precision nutrition for strength athletes | A new approach to fueling the beast


I have been powerlifting since September 2013 and wrote an article about how I utilize DIY Soylent that I wanted to share here. This applies to a broader category of Soylent for athletes in general but was written for strength athletes.

I thank @rob for his advice and encouragement and @maxk for introducing me to Masa Harina.


I think your omega 6/3 ratios are reversed. shouldn’t the correct omega 6 to 3 ratio be between 1 to 1 and 4 to 1


Thanks for pointing this out, you’re absolutely right.

I am interested in the most cost effective way of achieving these kinds of ratios but it doesn’t seem easy. Is fish oil the answer? Maybe there’s something better? Do other users achieve these ratios?


Krill oil would be my recommendation. The Omega benefits of fish oil, but with other benefits as well.


Play with soybean oil, soy flour, and Chia seeds. you can get pretty good ratios with those ingredients.

this recipe is in flux but will show you the Omega break downs:


Very cool write up.

I’ve been using my soylent for strength training since October. I went from 2600 to 3400 calories (3400 with very little solid food). I’m now hanging around 3200. I feel great and blood tests are looking good.

I keep my omega ratio in good shape by using a combination of canola oil, fish oil, and flaxseed meal.

I’m sure you saw the GNC Sport protein vitamin mix. Why did you stop using it for your vitamins. There’s something i like about getting vitamins and minerals in powder rather than pill form. Why shoot your body up with a high level of vitamins in one sitting when you cannot extend vitamin intake over a longer period of time?

Also, I hope you’re getting or planning to get periodic blood tests. Particularly useful to monitor glucose/hemoglobin levels, especially if you’re interested in blood sugar/insulin.

My glucose in my test was hanging around 96. I quickly realized that I had forgotten to add extra fiber to my diet. I had reduced my overall caloric intake for a few weeks but when I went back to training, I forgot to double up on the fiber… I’m hoping this is the cause of the relatively high glucose levels.

Anyway, glad there are more people around trying to incorporate Soylent in a lifting routine.

Here’s my recipe:


Thank you for sharing your recipe, I have made some modifications to improve the fat profile! The cod liver oil is quite a good ingredient, we will see how it tastes. I was always worried about how the flax meal will be in the shake regarding texture but I guess we will see.


For the sake of seeding interest in other communities, would you be up for detailing your experiences over in /r/fitness? They may also be able to provide some awesome feedback on your formula that many here may not be able to.

ninja edit Looks like you posted in /r/soylent already, awesome stuff! Keep it up!


The sucralose in the ON protein masks the faint hint of fishy flavor. You won’t notice it at all.

I’ve been using flax meal practically since the start of my soylent diet, but I’ve adjusted to its minor annoyances. The little seeds get stuck my teeth at times and the overall flavor is slightly bitter. Other than that, the texture basically stays the same.


The post is in /r/fitness, I tried to post to /r/weightroom when I first wrote the article but the mod took it down as “blogspam”.