Premade spreadsheet to make your soylent recipes



I made this spreadsheet so you could add/remove ingredients easily, change the measurements and see the results.

Here’s how to use it, you add foods and nutrition information on the second sheet, add nutrition information per gram.

Go to the first spreadsheet and you’ll notice that the cells where you enter food names are drop-downs. You just select the food you want, and enter the amount in grams and Excel will do all the math for you.

I’ll make a much more improved version of this when I have the time.

For now, here’s the link:

(It’s the file named “soylent.xlsx”)

Let me know if there’s any confusion or if it doesn’t quite work right.
You can use it in the Excel Web App, but you’ll want to download it.


So… it’s basically an Excel version of…?


Basically, but I don’t know much about Also my layout is just plain better.

I’m going to improve the next version, it should be a lot more impressive. It will let you choose any food item from the USDA nutrient database as well as any you add.

It will also highlight areas where you go over or under on your nutrients, and could possibly even make recommendations based on height and weight, lactating, etc.

The 8,194 foods on the USDA nutrient database should be an improvement over the 682 on MakeSoylent. Anyways, it’s not a competition I just find this more convenient.


Actually that’s really helpful, and significantly different from If I understand how it works correctly, it will mean that I can play around with my ingredients without having to delete them completely, yes? I’ve actually just run into that problem. If I want to “try” another ingredient in my recipe, I have to delete whatever ingredient it’s replacing. What if the newly introduced ingredient doesn’t work out for whatever reason and I want to go back to the old one? I have to either make completely separate recipes (which seems like it would clutter up makesoylent, or I have to take the time to re-enter all the values.


Thank you.

Here’s a link to the updated version:


It does much more now:


Sounds good :thumbsup: not sure you needed to create a whole other thread just for v2 though… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: