Preparation + storage without Starter Kit?



My 6 weeks worth of Soylent just got here but my starter kit hasn’t yet (the USPS tracking website said it was delivered from their centre two days ago but no trace of it so far.) I don’t wanna wait!

What are the best tips / quick starter hints for preparing Soylent without a Starter Kit? I’ll probably just make it in my blender and carry like a half litre around with me in a sealable bottle (it’s the biggest I have to hand).


Call the post office. If they’re saying it was already delivered and you don’t have it, you won’t likely be getting it. They either delivered it and it was stolen, or it was somehow lost. Talk to your delivery person if you can to ask where they left it, and maybe check with neighbors as well.

Your backup plan sounds like it will work well in the meantime. Any large container (2 quart’ish) will work fine. I would recommend an insulated bottle for carrying around, they work great.


My plan involves careful pouring, a 2 litter of store-brand soda water, and a funnel. Go go go!


My Soylent is on delivery truck but no starter kit either. How much water is supposed to be mixed with a pouch of Soylent?


The consensus seems to be 1 to 1.5 ratio powder to water.
The pitcher is listed as 2L based on the prep site:
I recall reading someone say that after everything else was in the pitcher, they had room for 48 oz of water.

Hope that helps some :smiley:


According to a recent post by @JulioMiles (pretty sure it was from him) the ratio is about 2:1 water:Soylent if you fill the pitcher up to the green ring. That’s how we’ve been mixing it, 1 full pouch at a time.


Yep, @vanclute nailed it. I tried it myself and 2:1 brings it to just below the green ring of the official pitcher.

2:1 ratio of water to Soylent has been their most typical recommendation.


2000 calories in 2000 milliliters - 1 calorie per ml.