Prepared Soylent Drink Ahead of Time?


I want to know if we can prepare these soylent drinks the day before or several days before and just store them in our fridge and grab them before we head out to work. My idea is to mix the drink the day before or maybe even prepare them on the weekend for the upcoming 5 days.
How long before can these be prepared?
I was trying “Raw Meal” before this, but their customer service recommended against preparing them ahead of time. They suggested preparing it right before it is consumed, which is unnecessarily inconvenient when your purpose is to bring it to work with you and consume it hours later.
The reason why Soylent appeals to me is that since I work 60 hours a week, I have little time for much else. Also I live off of drive-thrus and microwaves, which is unhealthy and it’s finally catching up to me. But I don’t have time for the alternatives, which is cooking. For me, if it takes more than 5 minutes on a microwave, it’s a waste of time.


I made my diy soylent last night and ate it today, refrigerated overnight. There are reports of liquid prepared soylent remaining good for more than a week in the fridge. I considered making a weeks worth of mix with only 1/10th of the required water, bagging the portions, and then throwing the bags in the freezer. It should still be immediately blendable with a shaker ball, easily with a real blender. You don’t need to use any water at all, however - you can mix the oils and powders beforehand, bag them up, and then just add water as necessary. Store the bags in the freezer to inhibit oxidization of the oils (rancid oil = blech.) If you use a bit of water, a vacuum sealer becomes practical.

Soylent shouldnt be affected by freezing, so your options are pretty flexible.


Adding to the anecdotal reports, I’ll usually make three day batches, and will occasionally not get to the last of it until almost a week later if I only use it for lunch or make a different batch to test. So long as I keep it refrigerated, it keeps pretty well.


I found a sort of “thermos” style bento box at Winco. It has two smaller dishes and one larger dish, all of which have sealing lids. I plan to freeze water in the larger dish, freeze two servings of the 4 daily in the smaller dishes, and refrigerate the rest. When it’s time to go, the two smaller dishes go into the bento, then the one full of ice.

When it’s time to eat breakfast I just drink one from the fridge, at lunch and before leaving work I eat the ice creams, and the ‘later’ dinner gets the remaining drink, or I eat a real-food.



Official formula keeps for at least a few days