Preparing to go "on" Soylent


I was reading an article (I think it was on Ars Technica) where the author was trying Soylent for a week. In the article he mentioned that the night before he started his week of Soylent he basically gorged himself on as much food as he could eat before starting. (This didn’t seem like a good idea to me)

My question is, what do people think is the best way to prepare yourself before starting a Soylent diet. Should you eat like normal right up to the day you start, or should you ween yourself off of regular food in the days before starting?


I basically just swapped over. I got my ingredients in a trickle though so my first week or so was actually pretty terrible because I didn’t have enough calories to be satisfied. However this just meant at the end of the day I was munching into something, otherwise I felt great. Looking back on it I wished I would have held of just a bit, but at the same time I wish I had started the whole thing sooner.

I’m on week 3 by the way of Soylent. I still eat regular food, if there’s good food around. Otherwise I can live on just Soylent.


Thats what I plan on doing. Pretty much breakfast and lunch will all be soylent unless I am out and about and there is something that looks tasty for lunch. Dinner will be soylent at least 5 days a week. Fridays and saturdays I might splurge for a nice meal out.


I think there’s a big psychological difference between replacing 1 or 2 meals a day with soylent and completely replacing all food intake with soylent. How many real meals are you planning on replacing?

Ultimately, you should do what feels right to you, but I think a 2-meal-a-day starting point is pretty easy to pick up and then you can see if you want to transition to an all-soylent lifestyle.


When my shipment of official Soylent (Maybe we should start typing simply “S” from now on?) arrives I want to go 100% S. I’m curious to see how I feel with no gluten or dairy, two things that a lot of health nuts online say are not good for many people. I’ve got several very minor health complaints that I could see improving with a diet change.


Like others have said, I guess it depends on whether or not you are planning to completely replace everything with Soylent.

I am and in preparation I have started to eat a little more sensibly (and have lost a little weight) but most importantly, I think the thing a LOT of people are not going to realise if they go full Soylent is the affects of caffeine withdrawals. This is why I have given up all caffeine now ahead of taking Soylent so that I don’t have to suffer the effects of it while starting something new, something which the useless Forbes article on Soylent did.

Do not under estimate the effects of caffeine withdrawal… it’s… it’s horrible.

I’m planning on going exclusive Soylent and water, nothing else no alcohol, no snacks and no other liquids initially for my first three months at least and then I may switch in the occasional dinner. We’ll see.


Im with you. I couldnt give up caffeine though. I have a cup of joe and an energy drink almost daily.


I used to drink about a litre or more of diet coke every day.

I’ve experimented with the side effects of caffeine withdrawal a couple of times and it’s not pleasant. Searing headache like someone is driving a spike into your brain and severe nausea to the point I’ve nearly vomited,

The worst is over after a day, the rest after the second. For reference it doesn’t take much to get back to the point that if you stopped again, you’d feel the side effects again.

But… in all honesty life isn’t really that much different, to the point I don’t feel the need for caffeine any more (although I do miss the taste of various Coke drinks). It was important to me to do it before the Soylent because I wanted to make sure that any side effects of taking Soylent would be clear and immediately obvious.


Yeah it is. Before I figured out what was causing it, I’d spend up to 24 hours with a headache like someone was trying to pry my skull off my spine, and either throwing up, waiting to see if I was going to throw up, or cleaning up after throwing up… But I’m an old school computer geek. I’m 40% caffeine by volume. (thumps chest)

I plan to go all soylent… but still drink Coke and/or coffee.