Prescribed medications and Soylent


Any known drug interactions?


None with penicillins and a few different NSAIDs - that I have tested so far (wisdom tooth operation halfway into my one month Soylent only trial).

Haven’t read anything else about medicines and soylent yet sadly…people should post about that more!

What medications is everyone taking while on Soylent? Any problems?


I take amlodipine for blood pressure. everything is stable.


I’m taking Metformin (it’s a diabetic drug but I’m not diabetic, I have a hormonal condition that leads to insulin resistance) as well as Lexapro (an anti-depressant) and a standard birth-control pill. The most common side effect of Metformin is “severe gastrointestinal upset” when you first start it, and I had a recurrence of that for the first 5 days or so when on Soylent, but it has since mellowed out as it should. Although it’s only been a week and a half, no other noticeable side effects yet. Since this experiment is intended to create a food substitute composed of the same things normal food would be without all the excess, I can’t imagine drug interactions being a huge concern any more so than someone who takes lots of vitamins, but it is on my list to discuss with my doctor during my next visit.


Ighaman, or anyone else in a similar predicament (I’ve heard of a couple women with PCOS) please keep us informed regarding your experiences with Soylent - especially regarding the affect on your hormones and (I was also reading another of your posts) weight loss. If there are users out there that take any hormones - progesterone, testosterone, birth control pills, any thyroid medicine, please help by keeping us in the loop!

I have similar hormonal issues and am very interested in taking Soylent. I am worried about the differences in nutritional needs between men and women (I am female too), how it influences hormonal balances (I hope against hope that it may even rectify some problems), and how effective Soylent really is as a weight loss diet. Your experiences are very valuable to me and several other friends and family of mine.

As a side note, it would also be nice to know how expensive it really is since, well, I have a budget :slight_smile:

Thanks so much, especially Rob for creating Soylent (not the green version!).