Preservation: Soylent


How long should Soylent-creations typically keep before spoiling, with and/or without added preservatives.
Do these sorts of food alternatives have any preservation requirements such as temperature?


As long as you’re keeping the mix dry, it will last for years (just check the expiration date on your macros). From my experience, once it’s mixed with water, I consume it within 24 hours. If not, then I keep it cold. Once it warms up the vitamin rich maltodextrin becomes a yeast and bacteria playground. Just let a bottle stay sealed in the sun for a couple of hours and you’ll see. It’s like milk, when it goes bad, you will have no trouble detecting it. Mixing daily is my advice.


One for reason for a SoyBot!


How long would a typical mix last in the refrigerator in an air tight container? Few days?