Preservatives - which and how much?


So, I’ve seen some other topics talking about what to do if you wanted to extend Soylent out past the 24 (48 if you aren’t sensitive to the taste change like I am) hour marks.
Other than “Don’t make as much”, options seem to be cooking (which likely changes the nutrient profile) and preservatives.
I don’t mind preservatives myself, so I’m inclined to go that route.

The options I’m aware of are campden tablets and potassium sorbate. If there’s other reasonable options for Soylent I’d like to hear them, but as far as these two, what would be the right quantity to add to a day’s worth of Soylent (either one of the preservatives alone or both together) - just to halve the spoilage speed, so the days where I don’t drink it all don’t end in sadness? (Taking into account daily allowances, etc - I still usually drink a full day’s soylent every day!)


Are there that many instances without water available to make fresh Soylent? Adding preservatives seems extreme to me.


Alright - I was hoping to avoid the ‘Don’t make as much’ discussion, but here:

  1. I may be planning on eating a whole day’s Soylent and then coworkers/friends want to go out to eat.
  2. I may forget to grab the morning’s batch from the fridge, and thus need to eat something else in the meantime, thus delaying me eating the prepped Soylent.
  3. Soylent for me requires prep the night before, and consumption the next day (it affects the texture and acidity, other topics in Discourse cover this better than I can here - plus cold tastes better). So just making it as I go doesn’t work - I need to fridge it.
  4. Due to personal reasons, I don’t like feeling like I “have” to eat a certain meal, or risk it spoiling - having the security to know I can not eat if I don’t want to, is healthy for me. Doubling the shelf life would let me have that security.

Now that I’ve addressed that (please don’t try to counter my points here, let’s just move on), any advice about my original post?


Even if the preservatives prevent it from spoiling, I’m not sure they would prevent any of the texture or taste changes you are trying to avoid.

And 48 hours if you’re not sensitive?! Plenty of people consume their batches over three (or even more) days.


When I first started out I froze half of one of my initial batches (V1.4) because I had similar concerns about it sitting in the fridge for too long. After it thawed out it was fine.


I was going to suggest the same thing, but without having tried it. Always good to hear from someone who actually has.


Freezing works, but removes the “grab it out of the fridge whenever you want it” property of Soylent - and if you keep some thawed for when you want it, then we’re back to the “well, what if I forget about it or eat out instead” problem.
But it’s a good option - if nobody can offer advice on the preservatives end, I might just freeze it combined with more thorough sanitation (currently I dish-soap + scrub brush the inside of the Takeya and Nalgenes, but may look into Brewery wash and Star-san, see if that helps extend the shelf life)