Price breakdown one time order vs. subscription


I just got my 4 week order last week. I still haven’t re-ordered or started a subscription.

I’ve been trying to figure out how much Soylent I want to eat each day and I’m trying eating 1500 calories each day (three meals of 500 calories each). Eating only 1500 calories of Soylent allows me to still have snacks, a couple of beers, or a small dinner without going too far over 2000 calories a day.

I worked out some numbers and found it you do this you are only eating 75% of a bag of Soylent each day. So you would get 35 days worth from a 4 week order. if you work this out for the whole year you only need about 10.5 orders per year. At $300 an order that’s $3129. But if you go the subscription route you will get 4 weeks every 28 days or 13 orders per year. At $255 an order that’s $3324. So I’ll save $200/year by placing orders each month over getting a subscription.

It means keeping on top of the orders each month but might be worth it.

On the other hand;

If I got the subscription and only ate 1500 calories a day I would end up with about 72 days extra every year or about 10.3 weeks (that’s 72 bags of Soylent). You could sell that extra 72 meals, but I don’t think there will be a very big market for it once Soylent gets past the original backers (unless they still don’t have international shipping then there might be a market). You would only have to get about $3 a day to break even, but you should be able to get $10 a day and make $720

I haven’t seen anything about what happens if you sign up for the subscription and then decide to stop. Do you still get re-orders or would you be treated like a new customer?

I kind of hoping that once they get past this initial fulfillment or original backers they may make some changes to the options for ordering.


I would just go the extra days route, and once they fine tune things more not basing things off of weeks but monthly orders, such as your situation or a couple that does 6 weeks in a 4 week time, you should be able to adjust then. To me it sounds like individual orders will not be treated as reorders for backers, but as a new order with a lead time of 10-12 weeks each time, but then again that is only the way I am reading it.


I would also subscribe and either give the extras to friends or family, or cancel your subscription for one month out of the year.

At least until they fine-tune the subscriptions to be something like “send me three weeks of Soylent every four weeks” or something similar.


Do you know if you can do that, just cancel the subscription and then start it up again? Or, can you put your subscription on hold for a month or two?


Currently the options are limited, but as long as you use the same email address as your preorder you should be able to start and stop your subscription at will. At least that is what the rumor is around here.


Julio mentioned something about there being no problem cancelling and re-starting a subscription. I won’t look for it now, it’s bed time and my eyes are tired :slight_smile:


I intend to cancel and reorder my subscriptions every so often, to prevent overload.


This looks like the best way to do it. If I continue at 1500 calories/day then I only need 10.5 months for the year so it would only come to $2805 for 11 4 week orders. An extra 2 weeks/year is not too much to deal with.


Or in your case, seeing as 1500 ≈ 3/4 daily Soylent, it might be easier for you to purchase a 2 week and 1 week subscription. My fiance only eats 2/3 of hers, so I’m taking that route for her portion, which only leaves 2-3 extra days a month. I’ll only have to cancel my monthly once every year or so to avoid overload. Or donate the extra, I haven’t decided yet.