Price just increased 31% in one day? (From 5/7/2014) Way too expensive

I was browsing the site yesterday after reading the New Yorker article. I believe the price was $65 for a one-week supply. Checked again today - new website, new price. I currently spend way less than $85/week on groceries. I’m not sure how this is supposed to be economical. Imagine feeding a family of four at these prices. It sounded like the founder had visions of feeding the world, but as it is only people with above-average incomes could afford this.

the price is 70$ a 5$ increase. not that catastrophic

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And remember that this is only the beginning. All new product are expensive and we need to sacrifice some to progress the product. it will be cheap for everyone one day.


It’s still more expensive than regular food, but you make a good point. I think they have a great idea, and I do hope the product becomes more affordable for everyone in the future.

Its also worth noting that this is an open source product. That fact alone is revolutionary in that it means anyone who is interested in dramatically lowering the cost and offering it as a (probably) less tasty, more affordable alternative can do so without fear of legal recourse.

I’m still VERY excited about what this means for world hunger, even if Soylent isn’t directly feeding the world.

Steve Jobs vision for Apple was “To make a contribution to the world by making tools for the mind that advance humankind.” He may not have directly brought exponentially cheaper medical diagnostics to Africa, but the list of people who had a bigger impact on medical care in developing nations than Jobs is vanishingly short.

If Soylent isn’t the right organization to take nutrition directly to America’s lower class and beyond, I don’t think they should be faulted for it. By actively giving away their “recipe” for success, they are directly and purposefully paving the way for whatever organization is perfect for the job.

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Maybe they have bough the rice protein that is of exeptional taste, but maybe it also quite expensive.
The rest of the product can hardly cost more than 1 maybe 2 dollar a day in sense of raw materials.

I’ve looked a bit at alibaba. And it seems to be possible to buy rice protein for 3000-5000 dollar per ton.
If soylent can get their hands on a price like that, the cost of the total raw materials may be around 2 or 3 dollar.
I’ve made here a list of the estimated price per item (if bought in bulk, like 1000 kg rice protein)

I’m no business man, no idea how much all the other things will cost (getting the materials there, machines, hiring people etc.). Maybe it could be possible to get soylent price down to around 5 dollar a day one day, if they produce really much daily.

Depending on where they go next, they could obviously lower the price. Personally, I’d love for them to keep the price high and keep working on moon shot projects, letting other companies make lower priced options with the formula they literally gave away.

The component parts of an iPhone cost ~$65, but I’d never tell Apple to lower their price to $100 and cut out the R&D that has pushed all of their innovations.

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Gotta REALLY watch out with Alibaba too. Not exactly Amazon! =)

The only way the price will go down is if orders go up and at only ~21,000 backers its impossible to get a reorder rate of 100% or even 50% for that matter. So, now you have half the number of people buying it, so you buy less in bulk, so prices will go up. I laugh at people who have ordered months and months of this stuff without even trying it once.

I’m not so worried about the price increase as much as what it implies. We were told during the funding period that Soylent was going to drop in price once they shipped the first batch. Now they are raising the price slightly and basically saying they have to pay off the first batch- but don’t worry, a price decrease will come later.

That seems like the same thing that happened with the shipping. First it was August '13, but they had to finalize the recipe, set it to December '13, still had to finalize, made it February, but they had to actually work with the manufacturer, and then April, the shipment of just one product delayed it a month, before we reach the end date of May, possibly June for some people- almost a year from what they first promised, and international backers have no idea when they will start getting theirs.

This gives the new company a bit of history of at least not looking far enough ahead- they see the really close and the really really far, but they don’t prepare for things they should, like a delay in a single product. The same thing will likely happen with price. They will be paying for the second batch and their starter kits, and then the third, and basically we just have to stop groaning or stop ordering- because that rice won’t go down.

For instance (and if they haven’t put this in their contract, they are doomed)- RFI may decide that since they are the sole manufacturer, with all the pouches and supplies, and whatnot, that they deserve a little pay raise. They’ve been nice so far, but then again, meth dealers can be too, until they get you hooked. Having only one source for anything is not a good idea, but that is what they did with their super special rice protein, their packager, and probably the producers of other ingredients too. If any of them screw up or change the game, then Soylent will have another month delay, more orders to refund, and basically another mess that will likely cause the price to say the same, if not raise it.

Tl;dr- Sadly, I see no reason to trust the company on the price since they screwed up the shipping estimates and don’t seem prepared enough for problems.


Wow, I was thinking of buying this last night for the $65 price for a one week supply after reading recent articles about it. I thought about it overnight (not wanting to make a rushed-decision purchase) and came to the website this morning credit card in hand and it costs $20 more now!!! Shocking!

I was ready to try it… but with such a huge price increase, especially without an explanation - not going to happen. Maybe I’ll wait and see if the price goes back to normal eventually.

Someone from soylent please explain! With the recent publicity, and quoted prices in articles, this looks really bad.

Interesting, the monthly subscription hasn’t changed.

Basic laws of supply and demand. The supply is quite constrained at present and demand is substantial. Only natural that the price goes up…and I promise you, this increase will not be the last. This is one of the reasons I bought in last year. I knew that once word of this product got out there, and people began to see the benefits that this product offers, demand would soar and I wanted secured access. A good plan on my part, at least it would have been if Soylent/RL had held up their end of the agreement for international backers…

Exact same scenario for me. I’m still on the fence about trying it. But it does look like you can sign up for monthly delivery ($70/month) and cancel any time.

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I am considering doing that, if it’s actually easy enough to cancel anytime. I don’t like the idea of committing to monthly shipments before trying the product. Maybe this price increase is just their way of trying to get people on the auto-ship plan.

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They explained the increase in their blog post. Basically, the starter kits are included in individual orders so they cost more. Ongoing orders only increased by $5 and I’ll let you read the various reasons behind that.


I’m more upset that the video lies about the cost. It states at 1:43 “at less than $3/meal, a bag makes an entire day’s worth of food for $9”. But if you look at the most economical order of Soylent, $255 for 84 meals comes out to $3.04/meal. It’s certainly close, close enough for the discrepancy to be negligible. But the advertizement clearly says LESS.

This option really needs to come down in price to $250, just to escape the false advertizing.


True. Otherwise they need to redo the video, which is also expensive, the soylent team has no choice, lower the price ! :stuck_out_tongue:


I find it funny how US consumers are complaining about a $5 increase in the price. Some people around the world would be very glad to able to pay a $5 increase to be able to get Soylent.

Be grateful you’re able to have priority and exclusive access to Soylent long before the rest of the world…:wink:


The increase that is being complained about is the $20 increase… from $65 to $85 for a one-time order of one week’s supply. Last night at 11pm EST it was $65, today it is $85.

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