Price of ingredients of 1.5


With the recent revisions the ingredients have become cheaper I think ( which is NOT a bad thing).

A few examples:

  • Sunflower oil and Canola Oil cost less, than flaxseed
  • oat flour is a rather expensive cereral, when compared to its substitutes
  • isomaltulose, trehalose can imho be processed from corn, which is the cheapest carbohydrate source available.
  • potatos as raw material for potato starch also cost little

Once international is running smoothly and current worldwide demand can be supplied, there should be increasing potential for a price drop now.

What do you think?


Sure, and I hope they do… Currently two european companies, Joylent and Nutrilent are about 150 euro for a month… Which is about $160-170… And these products are not that bad quality wise.


I think Nutrilent is mixed with milk, which passes on more cost to the consumer and is slightly less convenient.


The drop in protein from v1.3 is also significant at scale. I placed my monthly subscription on hold after receiving my first shipment of v1.4…I have no plans to resume my subscription after reading the “changes” in v1.5.


That comment has nothing to do with the topic of this particular thread.


The topic is “Price of ingredients of 1.5”. Cost reduction has “nothing to do with the topic of this particular thread”? The cost reduction of decreasing the protein ratio from v1.3 to v1.5 is irrelevant?


Correct. Your complaint is the amount of protein, not the price. Your post would fit under "Are you pausing/canceling due to 1.4?


TS stated “With the recent revisions the ingredients have become cheaper I think” and followed with a list of examples. I added the protein reduction as a factor in overall cost reduction. Protein is one of the highest priced ingredients in Soylent. Reducing the amount of protein in Soylent’s Macronutrient ratio reduces the “price of ingredients” which is this thread’s topic.

Why am I bothering to argue with trolls? (edited at Moderator request)


If two nitwits couldn’t see the connection between your comment and the topic at hand, maybe you should have made it clear. After all, there are many nitwits in the world, and if you don’t appeal to them, you will forever be outvoted.


I agree costs have come down, the most expensive ingredient is probably the brown rice protein, and the powdered algal DHA. I hope that price can come down in the near future, maybe with a better protein source as well. Then I can save more money to eat more steak, the best food on earth.


For the future, calling people “nitwits” is not a good way to get your point across or persuade anyone.


Substituting cheaper ingredients for more expensive ingredients reduces the overall cost of ingredients, Ric. Surely you understand this. Protein is among the higher costs in Soylent.

Am I being trolled or is this truly difficult to comprehend for some of you?


I would have exercised restraint if I didn’t believe they were trolling or arguing for argument’s sake. There are many examples on this forum of individuals who have nothing better to do than argue and troll.

I made a simple comment which was followed by two comments stating that my comment was irrelevant (because they didn’t comprehend my point).


I mean, I even suggested the thread where this fits (Are you pausing/canceling). If you are actually saying you cancelled v1.4 because RL’s price to produce it was less than v1.3, then my apologies. I definitely read that you cancelled because you were unhappy with the decrease of protein, and that was confirmed (to me) when you said you were unhappy with the “changes” in v1.5, which I read to mean even slightly less protein.

But, I’ll take your word that you cancelled your Soylent subscription because you think RL should have passed on the economic savings from v1.4 to you via lower prices.

Just to give you the last word, at what price would you consider renewing your subscription?


Why are you attempting to correlate two separate threads? Try to stick to this thread’s topic.

With regard to the other thread you referenced; price is not a factor. I’m willing to pay the current price if the quality of ingredients does not decline. I placed my monthly subscription on hold with the intention of resuming if v1.5 reverted back to the higher protein and fiber profile. I also didn’t care for the taste/texture of v1.4 but I’ve now grown accustomed to it.


I don’t think they need to decrease the price yet. Not until they’ve settled down more on their tweaking of the formula. (thinking of frequency here, not the fact that they tweak it)

It is one of the major goals of this product, though, so rest assured that prices will eventually decrease by a significant margin. They’ve officially stated that point numerous times now. :sunny:


Yeah, the price is fine with me. Less 3$ per meal is totally reasonable IMO. I wish they would leave the price the same, but increase the ingredients so that Soylent has 100% of 100% of things a 2000 cal daily diet should get.


Sorry. I’m legitimately trying to stick to your topic. Hence the asking for clarification.

You said “The drop in protein is from v1.3 is significant at scale.” And that you paused your subscription after receiving v1.4. And you say that these comments fits into the “price of ingredients” thread. So my question, at least how I perceive it, was sticking only to the point you made. Seriously.

So your answer is that you would resume your subscription if v1.5 went back to 113g of protein? Because (again, looking for sincere clarification, not trolling) I thought you were adamant that your post had only to do with cost, not the amount of protein.

Or, if someone else wants to chime in and explain it to me, I won’t be offended. Sometimes it takes someone saying something in a slightly different way for others to “get it.” I’m willing to say I’m being daft here.


Which ingredients need to be increased to reach 100%?


Hey, what kind of a wish is that?

I wish it was free. :heart_eyes: