Price of powder pouch

As a poor person, I’m satisfied with the current price of powder pouch because I can eat cheap and healthy. I’m also afraid that this situation will not last long. Will the price rise in the future?

Wait, actually I’m not sure if it is cheap. I don’t know how to cook and used to eat out always until I found Soylent. Is Soylent cheaper than cooking at home?

If you’re talking about eating HEALTHY at home, yeah it probably is? It probably also depends on cost of living in your area since that varies, but Soylent prices don’t. You can eat poorly at home very very cheap. And if you aren’t picky you can eat healthy at home fairly cheap as well. But powdered Soylent is cheap enough that when I was poor I was still buying it. Soylent drink is pretty pricey though, but now that I’ve got money to afford it I really do prefer to have it and it’s worth the price to me.


I think RF indicated that the price of plain Soylent will stay relatively low. Once upon a time, they seemed to indicate a desire to lower the price further, but I think such ideas are now lost in fantasyland. I expect that flavored powdered Soylent will appear at a higher price, but plain powdered Soylent will remain available, and you can always flavor it on your own, if you wish.


They are still on the books, we have a lot of powder updates in the works.


That depends on too many different factors to definitively answer.

To date, this is my only disappointment with Soylent. But it’s a biggie.


If you factor in inflation, the price gets lower at a rate of about 2% per year.


True, but I think they were dreaming of actual reductions in price in the beginning. I think that the reason they are focusing on flavoring now is that they are desperately trying to increase prices in a semi-invisible way, because they need more money.