Price of soylent


I’ve been looking forward to soylent for a while. One of the first things I did when Soylent was finally released was to check its price. I wasn’t very encouraged.

It’s borderline cost effective. I was not only hoping for convenience, but also some saving. $4 per meal (or $10 per day) is about equal or more than I spend currently on real food.

I’m located outside of USA, so when soylent is available for international buyers, then it’s going to cost even more. With shipping, customs, value-added-tax, it’s going to cost 60% more, so $16 per day, or $6,4 per meal. So this isn’t very feasible to me cost-wise.

Will the price decrease?


I think I’ve read somewhere that this aggressive price is due to them trying to break even as soon as possible. Then they can relax on the price, probably… I hope they will.

This thread has some on it…


Ok, so it seems the price will drop some within a year or so.

Hopefully they’ll make soylent available to international buyers soon, I’d like some taste of it :stuck_out_tongue: Any idea of when that will happen?


They won’t give a solid date other than sometime in 2015.


A price drop would be a welcome relief, however it wouldn’t be logical for that to happen anytime soon. We will at least need to experience steady production before that becomes a reality.