Price Reduction Alert! Soylent Powder is now $1.50 / Meal

Our mission has long been to make complete nutrition accessible and affordable to all and over the years we have made commitments to drop the price of powder. We’re excited to announce the price on our 7-pack powder (both original and cacao flavors) will drop from $1.74/meal to $1.50/ meal for all subscribers on


Well, who says no a to a price reduction? Thanks, Rosa Labs! I will continue using Soylent powder and happily pocket the few extra bucks.

You do have to wonder tho - what prompted this? It is increased competition from the copycat products that keep springing up? An effort to become the undisputed leader in the field? A drop in prices from their suppliers?


I can’t believe more people haven’t commented. This is so great!

It’s great, but I can no longer stand Soylent powder.

It’s great… and I still go through lots of powder… but a drop from $54 (grandfathered) to $52.50 isn’t really anything to get too excited about. I think I’m more appreciative that they’ve finally zeroed the differential between plain and cacao… Companies like Super Body Fuel don’t charge for flavors and it always bugged me that Soylent did…