Primal based DIY formula


Hello everyone, I’m not a newbie to soylent but it’s been a while (did 3 months of almost entirely soylent last summer and stopped only because I went abroad for 5 months, never interacted on this forum or anywhere else though). I’m happy to be back and have decided to be more active in the soylent community. Also, I’ve been convinced of the primal ways ala Mark’s Daily Apple and have constructed a soylent recipe that tries to mimic the macro nutrient load of such a diet with a few tweaks based on hormone optimization, although the micros are still based on FDA recommendations. I will be tracking progress on this blog; so far I’ve got just one post detailing my new recipe, the link to which you can find at the bottom of the blog post. I’d like to hear your feedback, questions, concerns!

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Hey there. I’m not seeing the link at the bottom of the post, and the “this blog” hyperlink doesn’t go anywhere for me. I’d love to take a look and see what you’re doing.


Should be fixed, sorry about that. Also I decided to call this thing “Grok Chow”


In the spirit of “primal,” have you thought about using coconut flour instead of oats? It would help keep the net carbs down and provide some additional fiber. That’s more or less the route I’ve taken in my keto recipes (see, e.g.).


I haven’t, but I like the idea, and love the taste of coconut. Honestly the only reason I will use oat powder is because I bought it for my first batch as my main source of calories 10 months ago. Since I changed the recipe I’ve barely used any of it and it’s good until May of next year :stuck_out_tongue: . Ultimately I’m pretty low on carbs anyway so I won’t be taking in much -_(oo)_-

It’s a good point though, when I get to putting up the recipe on diy I’ll use something more primal than oats, probably coconut; anything else that you’ve found could work?

Also, looking at your recipe @QuidNYC , why do you prefer isolate to concentrate?


I can understand wanting to work through what you’ve got, but it’s probably worth some experimentation in the future, at least. Coconut flour really has only a hint of the coconut flavor, and I’d say it’s actually more of a nutrient-dense fiber source than a source of carbs. Apart from coconut flour, I’ve only really used masa harina (which is good, but quite carby).

The main idea with isolate versus concentrate is to hit your protein target without a lot of extraneous nutrients thrown into the mix – so what you’re adding is almost all protein. And certainly for a low carb or keto recipe you don’t want to add any lactose if you can help it.