Printable Invoices

After moving to new platform for customer subscriptions, there are no longer (as far as I could find) any option to view a full invoice for monthly shipments.

Does anyone know how to get hold of invoices? I need a real invoice that declares what’s in the shipment, the cost and identifier. This was possible in the old system, now I simply get a list which can’t be used for much.

  • Sondre


You can email us at we can send it for you upon request.

I sent a request 6 days ago to for a PDF invoice for a recent shipment and I still haven’t gotten a response. I need this invoice ASAP and there doesn’t seem to be any other way to contact support or follow up on this ticket.

What else do I need to do? It really shouldn’t be this hard to get an invoice

Just curious. Why do you need one so bad?

Reimbursement for travel per diem.


To clear Customs. Thankfully they have finally sent it.

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