Private recipes now indexed by google

Stumbled upon this new “feature” while searching for stuff on google. With the right keyword you can browse through a multitude of private recipes. It’s DEAD SIMPLE. Obscured screen for proof:

edit: nutrient profiles also…


@codinghorror is this your wheelhouse?

No – it’s not our site. We would like to onebox links to it, though, e.g. if you post a link to

it would show a nice summary.

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The DIY site is managed by @nickp

I have no idea what this means.

It means someone can see your privet recipes on the DIY site without your permission. I personally don’t care but I can see why some people might. Its an invasion of an expected privacy.

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That’s Google for ya. Index everything without permission, monetize the hell out of it, then make it all but impossible for anyone to get their content removed from said index. What a brilliant business model.

I remember @nickp saying that private just mean your recipe didn’t show up in the public list. There was no security or anything keeping people out as long as they knew or could guess you the URL of your recipe. I don’t have any issue with people seeing my recipe. I guess it might be more clear in the UI that is isn’t really secured.


It’s actually very easy to remove your content from the index if you control either the site or HTML meta data. Just set the robots.txt or metadata to tell Googlebot and company that you don’t want them indexing that page.

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Yeah I think the point is that, if those URLs aren’t publicly listed anywhere - then Google must be doing something somewhat sneaky to figure out what the URLs are. Crawling server logs perhaps, or more likely leveraging Chrome and Google Analytics since those are already in use just about everywhere. They know pretty much every URL anyone ever visits, even “private” ones.

Right, but if that content is already in Google’s index… it can take a long time for it to finally disappear, at which point all sorts of other scraper engines have already found & re-indexed the content anyway, and you’ll never get that stuff removed.

Or there’s a page that links to it somewhere. I think it’s too soon to assume nefariousness in this.

Discourse won’t let me remove the paragraph this replaces unless I change things enough.

Oh sure, I wasn’t assuming anything more nefarious than Google’s entire business model as a whole. LOL

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Eh, I’m not too bugged by it. Which is probably why they probably have enough data on me to write my life story at this point. XD

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Oh, I thought the whole idea was that the recipes were public for everyone to try and maybe improve on.

Yeah, I personally don’t really care either insofar as my own life’s data goes. As it is, I probably have less of a digital footprint than most just because I don’t actually use Facebook or other social media in any major way involving my daily life.

I just think it’s pretty messed up to start a massive business that is essentially based on the notion of walking into your house uninvited, taking an inventory of everything in your home, and publishing it on the web alongside aid advertisements. Then telling you that if you don’t want them to do it, all you have to do is keep your doors locked and put up a sign saying to stay out. But, perhaps that’s for another thread. :smiley:

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By default when you make a recipe on the DIY it is private. You have to intentionally make it public. So it is your decision to share or not.

Easy enough to block. Fix access issues, then change urls format. That’ll stop google links dead. Not much you can do with names and such already on google though.

Since they don’t show in the public list they shoudn’t be indexed. And it used to work this way. My private recipes weren’t on google and now they are (I never posted links to them anywhere). Something must have changed in the backend of the site for this to happen.

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Google doesn’t work that way. The links must have been made available even for a short time.