Problems with Hemorrhoids


So I’m starting my second box of Soylent (version 1.1, my first box was 1.0) and I’d like some advice.

I have had trouble with hemorrhoids.

So, I think I’ve narrowed it down a bit. When I use soylent several times during the day, it makes what comes out the other end very uniform. It comes out like tannish colored toothpaste.

The problem is it doesn’t come out well formed. Normal food to me comes out, drops, wipe, flush, done. Soylent comes out, but it never drops on it’s own. I feel like the playdough factory where I have to cut it off. Then I have to wipe. and wipe.

If I don’t scrupulously wipe every bit off, what’s left behind will chap my *ss. If I wipe too much, I’ll irritate my *ss. These problems can individually or together give me a hemorrhoid (don’t know the exact definition, but irritated enough for a little blood to appear on my toilet paper)

If I’m very careful, and if needed clean with a baby/medicated wipe I’m good and it clears up by the next day usually. If I change my ratio to up normal food I’m also good.

So my questions are:

  • Do I have too much or too little of something in my diet? (soluble/insoluble fiber?)
  • water?
  • is it something you gradually get used to?
  • have others gone through this?

Oh, I also have flatulence but it seems a little less with 1.1 (just general observation, no scientific data)



That… sounds like a horrible problem. I’m sorry to hear that.

I suggest that you add some vegetables with fiber to your diet. I eat baby carrots to keep my teeth strong despite not eating solid food, and I’m betting that will help you too.

Also invest in flushable wipes. Used sparingly, i.e. 1 wipe per session, they’ll get you much cleaner and won’t be hard on your plumbing.


Something that has helped me a little with discomfort (but not necessarily consistency) is drinking aloe vera. Maybe add a bit of aloe vera to your soylent? can’t hurt the texture of the drink either.


I believe the answer is Psyllium Husk:

That is a source of fiber that will solidify the poo. You can see references it all over this forum. In one of the most recent posts about it (too lazy to find) they talked about wiping being much less of an issue. I’ve started adding it to my DIY and Soylent and it seems to have that effect. I’m added about 4 grams a day. I’m sure others can pop in (not poop in) and give more information.


I was actually going to recommend psyllium husk myself. I used it when I was having diarrhea in the beginning. Cleared things right up for me. I also used 4 grams


Thank god I’m not the only one with this exact same issue, I mean seriously, you’ve described word for word what I experience.

And just a note for everyone, it’s reasonably solid just… more sticky? It also feels like it’s covered in sand, I can feel the grit.


hmmm… Xanthan gum has been reported to help with the grittiness on the way down. Maybe it helps on the way out too?


Thank you for all the ideas.

I will buy some psyllium husk today.

Also Benji, that is a keen observation. It might be that it is stickier - that could be the difference between sticking to itself and sticking to you at “drop time”.

I’ll try things and see how the next few days go.


Some feedback.

I got some psyllium husk.

First I drank maybe 8 ounces of soylent.

Then I followed the directions on the psyllium husk and put 2 tablespoons in 8 ounced of water. It went down a little wierd, I’ll have to mix it more next time.

A little later I felt a little uncomfortable - kind of an over-full feeling. I think maybe next time I’ll use 1/2 the psyllium husk and the same water and see how that works.

Interesting warning on the psyllium husk label – you must drink this with sufficient water or there is a risk of choking. I guess that stuff really means business.

I’ll report back as I try it out over the next few days.

Thanks for your help!


Thanks @mike8, definitely let us know how it goes. I’ve had what you described in your original post periodically my whole life. I wonder if the solution is psyllium? Look forward to your results…


Two tablespoons? How many grams of soluble fiber is that? More than 4 grams added to my whole pitcher starts giving me constipation (which for me is 1/4 tsp) usually. Thankfully you’re only having one meal, but I would definitely be careful how much psyllium husk you add. A little goes a long way.

The directions on the psyllium husk is probably written for a typical diet. Soylent already has a significant amount of fiber as is.


I have had similar experience to @mike8 , especially on days when I eat mostly Soylent and don’t consume a good amount of fiber.

I have been using psyllium husk (Whole Foods brand) for about four years, and recommend it in general. I put two heaping tablespoons daily in a cup of OJ–that makes it more palatable than putting it straight in H2O. The results are definitely tangible–reduced irritation and improved stool quality.

Also from your description, I would hazard that what you are experiencing are not actual hemorrhoids, but (as you say) just irritation from the stool not being very wipeable. That sounds to me like days when I forget to eat my psyllium.

Oddly enough I never considered mixing the psyllium husk directly into my Soylent… I’ll have to see how well that works out. It will probably be necessary to add a bit of extra water.


Interesting @andyras. Did it take some time to adjust the psyllium when you first started taking it? I might have to try this stuff. And I shop at WF all the time.


I started putting 4 grams of psyllium husk per day in my Soylent 1.1 and DIY. I think it took about a day to see a difference. I mix it in directly to my soylent. I did it one day mixing just by shaking and it seemed to clump. I’m not 100% sure that psyllium was the problem. I put the clumps in a Blender Bottle, shook it and the clumps seemed to have went away. I now use an immersion blender and haven’t seen any clumps at all. As was mentioned before, you almost don’t need to wipe anymore. Kind of weird to get used to, but nice (butt nice)?


@Zenman, for me the results when starting psyllium husk are pretty much instantaneous (i.e. < 1 day), and the effect doesn’t really last when I stop taking it. I’ve never noticed anything like an adjustment period or the converse (withdrawal)–it just goes in one end and comes out the other, optimizing your bowel movement along the way :slight_smile:


Baby wipes and 50 billion probotic which will solidify anything in your gut.


Awesome @andyras. When you said the WF brand, did you mean the 365 stuff?


@Zenman: yes, the 365 stuff.

@Nom: baby wipes are nice, but I tend to avoid them because they don’t break down very well and I would rather treat the problem than the symptom. I’d like to hear if others have found that probiotics work well for them, though.


And overuse of baby wipes can lead to a LOT of irritation.


Ok, I started my psyllium husk journey today. I got the Yerma Prima capsules. I’m just starting with two capsules twice a day, then will work up from there…