Processed meat causes cancer according to WHO


Beefing With the World Health Organization’s Cancer Warnings

Here is a good article about what the announcement means and doesn’t mean. Primarily that the categories that WHO uses are related to how confident they are that there is some risk, but not that items in the same category have the same risk.

Red meat doesn’t kill you, but the spin is fascinating

Here is another about how claims from studies often are not actually backed up by the study cited.


Which came first, the cancer or the cancer?

(I’m being flippant in my last 2 posts, in case it isn’t clear)

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This is too good to not post


Holy crap. Imagine the furor if they did that study and found any trace human DNA in Soylent…


Are any foods safe to eat…

Here’s another article trying to put some perspective on the WHO announcement and many other food misconceptions.


Processed meat may cause cancer, but so far Soylent seems safe.