Product idea for cyclists


How about a bike water bottle bracket that instead of being designed to hold a standard 24oz water bottle could instead hold two Soylent bottles? Most bikes have space for two brackets so you could have a water bottle and 800kcal of go-to food on the bike… Would be good advertising as well.


Revelate Designs Mountain Feedbag Handlebar Bag

I’ve got one & you’d hafta pry it from my cold, dead hands. You can use two, as well. I’ve been meaning to buy a 2nd one, as I often use it to hold my camera rather than an extra bottle.

Here’s its primary function, though, in my case:



If you want to carry Solyent, why not just put it in water bottle? I don’t want a dedicated Soylent bottle cage, that’s useful for nothing else. And I have no interest in advertising any product on my person, or my bike.


Because once you open it and pour it into a water bottle, you have minutes/hours to drink it before it goes bad. A sealed bottle of Soylent is shelf stable for about a year due to its aseptic packaging.


Unless you’re randonneuring in the middle of summer, I don’t see that as being a problem. It’ll last the few hours until you stop for lunch. Or jersey pockets, which a friend of mine fills with Starbucks coffee, or in my case, panniers. And in any case, warm Soylent, ew.


If the bottle is still sealed, sure. Otherwise it should be refrigerated (or chilled in some other way) after opening.


FWIW I have used (diluted) 1.8 powder in bike bottles before. That works ok as long as you consume within a few hours. I don’t mind advertising Soylent, that was kind of the point of my post. Recently I’ve put a 2.0 bottle in one of the back jersey pockets, but having it elsewhere on the bike would be preferable.


I also use powder. I’ve left it out for a few hours and drank it, to no ill effect.


I’m happy for you. That doesn’t make it a good practice from a food safety standpoint.


I just noticed that the 2.0 bottles say that an opened bottle should be refrigerated and then consumed within three days. I’ve never worried about it till now.