So I’m in SoCal and both my powder and RTD subs lately shipped 10month old product (expires Nov 2019)… I know it’s still perfectly fine… but the two orders also shipped (respectively) from PA and IL rather than the usual SoCal distribution point… so they took an extra 4-7 days to arrive.

Is this stuff still being manufactured?

I just checked a bottle of RTD plain, I got mine from Amazon a couple weeks ago. Expires Nov 2019. I’m guessing they made a really big batch last November and are waiting for their stock to get low before they make another.

Looks like my next powder shipment is coming from the other side of the country. Again. You’d think it would be cheaper to stock the local distribution point. Wouldn’t be entirely surprised if the expiration date is 11/15/19 again.

I’m in NorCal and also have my current shipment coming from PA. Last one also came from there and is dated for November 2019, so I’m assuming this next one will have the same date.

According to their website “It is our policy that no consumer will receive product with less than a 2-month shelf-life.” ( I’m not squeamish about consuming foods after their best by dates, but it is still a little annoying to get something with a relatively short date. I just hope their forecasting improves and they don’t have to throw anything away and/or continue shipping orders back and forth across the country.

I’m sure the product is fine… just seems odd that we’re receiving such old stuff from so far away when I’ve received newer stuff from local distribution for a good chunk of the year.

If they ran out of new stuff in CA and still had a bunch of old stuff in PA you’d think they’d at least have moved a chunk of it out here a while back…

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My last 2 sub orders (not Amazon) of Original RTD came in the squircle/sqround bottle and have Nov 2k19 exp.

I’ve done non sub orders of Cacao & [the brand new] Chocolate Mint recently and they came in the new bottles.

EDIT; The Cacao has a exp date of March 28, 2020 and [the brand new] Chocolate Mint has a exp date of August 19, 2020.