Production questions


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Specific questions for @rob or @JulioMiles: Is the final sample approved? Are the new ingredients ordered? What is the new macro/micro breakdown? Does the old production timeline from 10/25 (procurement, testing, blending, packaging, QA) hold? Where are we in that timeline?


+1 on the macronutrient breakdown. I’m curious to see how the reduction of oat-flour was compensated for - assuming ingredients are finalized. How did you keep the carb / fat / protein ratio the same, how did it affect calories, etc.


The sample is approved. The macronutrient ratio and calories are the same. We compensated a minor oat flour reduction with maltodextrin, rice protein, and canola oil in order to keep said ratio. We are on schedule to begin shipments in late February.

What will take the oat flour's place?

Good stuff guys! I worked in manufacturing for around 10 years, several of those in food manufacture for a major snack food company with very tight quality controls. To get something like this off the ground at the production stage, especially when keeping the manufacturing process uniform, consistent and controlled, is a massive undertaking. Again, good work!


Great – thank you. Can you update us on the latest / final amounts of oat flour, maltodextrin, rice protein, and canola oil amounts (versus the original 210g, 132g, 102g, and 56g, respectively)?

I’m attempting to track it here, and I’m confident that others will be interested as well:

And any hints about when we may get your hotly anticipated “fiber post” (with details on xanthan gum and gum acacia)?

Many thanks!


If the sample was approved and you placed the order ~3 weeks ago in mid December, why wasn’t the production update written 3 weeks ago?


Something that must be an oversight for you guys:

Still indicates that if you order now, new purchasers will receive their product in “early 2014.” Since you’ve stated that anyone who did not order a 1-month or greater supply already won’t receive their product until mid-2014, you should probably update this to reflect current timelines, to avoid resentment of potential new customers.

It’s been bothering me for a while, I just kept figuring you’d get to it, but you haven’t so…


I would have resented this. Glad I checked out the forums before buying. Thanks for the heads up Kaeroku! Definitely still interested in this stuff though.


I would consider March to be “early 2014”. Anything after March would fall into the early/mid 2014, imo.


March is Q1. I would argue that qualifies as “early” 2014. We will likely be revising the mid-2014 claim for international shipments, however.

@QuidNYC applications post is in final edit, and oat flour / rice protein / malto / canola is now 110 / 125 / 160 / 56 (g).


The blog says “all of the domestic orders will be shipped out by the end of March.” Given that there are still international orders to ship, and possible reordering - will current new orders be shipped by the end of March? I.e., if my sister orders a week supply today, can she expect to receive it by end of March? Because that’s the impression the campaign page gives: “Order now and receive your Soylent in early 2014.”