Production Updates?!


We haven’t heard anything about the production timeline since the beginning of November. The beta tester articles are nice, but many of us have several hundred dollars invested in this, and we would like to know the status of our purchase. Going over a month with no updates on production is unacceptable.


Need for an update would imply that the schedule has changed. Maybe it hasn’t, i.e. the information distributed in the last update is still correct.


That may be so, but even a little snippet saying something along the lines of “everything is proceeding as planned” is sometimes nice to hear.


If you look at their schedule, RFI gave 6-8 weeks for the first task “procuring raw ingredients” We are in week 8 which ends on Friday. So until then they’re probably not able to give us a solid “on time” or “late” until then. Remeber this is another company they’re relying upon to do this, they could be bound by contract or maybe RFI just won’t give them the information beyond “still in progress” of the first step.

I would hope they will have something to post next Sunday about if RFI has moved onto step 2 which is identify and microbial testing of each ingredient, or if they are behind schedule. But for now, if RFI is still in step 1 there is literally nothing to update, they can’t know if they’re on time or late until Friday.


I appreciate the realistic updates when they have solid information, versus “We are aware of your concerns and are working to resolve your concerns at this time.”

I hate getting customer-serviced and would rather have them be open and honest like they have so far. They’ve given us good information when it became available, and haven’t played silly PR games.

Some people may want constant reassuring fluff, but I’m glad they haven’t gone that route. It’s less distant, more personal, and I’m satisfied that I have a good understanding of the situation.

I am also cognizant of the fact that I am the exception, not the rule, and that a vast majority of people prefer the fluff.


In my opinion, the “fluff” posts are the beta tester profiles, which have no bearing on the status of production, and in reality have no relevance in the big picture because the product the beta testers used and the product we will receive are completely different. Also, the difference from what I’ve seen in the media as far, as beta tester experiences, and the posts on the site seems like they are trying to paint the experience as better than most people would say it was.

It’s funny because the posts of the last few weeks are exactly what you think I’m asking for. Reassurance with no substance. Even the macro/micro posts, while definitely a good thing, are not really substantive because we all had a pretty good idea about what those values were going to be.

I’m looking at this from the standpoint of an investor. If I had invested a significant amount of money into the development of a product, and didn’t get a progress update (even a small substantive one) for over a month I would be, at best, ticked off, at worst, reconsidering my investment.


It would also be responsible and helpful to let everyone know if things are running late, to give people time to make adjustments and change food planning accordingly.


Given the fact that they have missed three of their previously self defined deadlines they should probably be more vocal in the run up to this one whether or not they are on schedule or not however, given how well they’ve been communicating with the community since the start I’m not getting my hopes up.

I also personal don’t believe that they are going to make the next deadline anyway any more, that way I can’t get disappointed/annoyed, post on here my disapproval and continually get my posts deleted.


I’m very cautiously optimistic I’ll get my month’s supply in January. Wouldn’t be surprised at all if it arrives more like mid February.


I’m pretty certain it won’t be until April 2014 and at the latest June 2014


i started the same thread yesterday…


Well it is time for a weekly update, so maybe well get some, well, updates. :slight_smile:


Not to be rude, but do you have any source for any of the stuff you say? Or are you just kina trollin?


He’s basically just trolling. RFI is a big and established company. They are unlikely to miss any deadlines by a significant margin, if they did, they wouldn’t be in business for long. As it stands, we’re fairly in the dark with how the process has been going since late October.

Using the data we were given then, a mid-late January arrival is very aggressive but possible. More likely looking at RFIs timeline a early feb date is much more moderate an estimate.

I honestly can’t see it taking any longer then mid February as most all of the work is in RFIs hands, and they’re very experienced with their own processes.


Not only do I have several hundred dollars invested (which is not a huge deal once I get the product), I initially ordered 3 months. Now I only see 1 month… what do I need to do to ensure a continuing supply so I don’t run out and have to wait a few more months to get product again?


I think the issue is not the lack of production updates, cause really, how many companies publicly post any production information at all? The issue is the constantly-shifting promises. We only expect weekly production updates because the company said they would do weekly production updates. Maybe they’re too busy to write the updates because they’re working hard on a January delivery… or maybe they’re too busy because they’re wintering in Aruba. Either way, for appearance’s sake, they could at least put up a weekly two-line post saying yes, we’re still working and no, it’s not shipping yet.


@JulioMiles and the Soylent team have stated that they will be shipping supplies in a certain order (Month’s supplies first) so that you will be able to reorder and have it by the time your supply is exhausted.


But their processes aren’t the only ones that have an affect on the production timeline: in the end, RFI is subject to the timelines of their ingredients suppliers, and while they have been lighting a fire under some of the slower ones (vitamin premix), there’s only so much they can do.

Plus, it’s good to keep in mind that all their other clients are large corporations that are able to pay up-front for a new product, rather than taking pre-orders like we did – thus a timeline with a +/- 1 month error (for example) doesn’t have such a direct affect on individual customers. Next week we’ll be posting a production update with information we received from RFI right before the holiday.

When you click your Backerkit link, do you see three separate orders listed at the very top of the screen? If not, please email with your order details and I’ll get it sorted.

Happy holidays everyone!


Source? For what? The fact that they have missed three deadlines or my personal opinion on when it is going to be delivered? I’m not being rude either.

Basically trolling? Why would I troll something I have a personally put money into and have a serious interest in? I’ve bought three months with an eye to buy yearly supplies, how much have you purchased? Don’t jump on the “calling-someone-a-troll-just-because-they’re-passionate-about-something” bandwagon.

Again, I’ve said it before and for your benefit I’ll say it again: I’m all for Soylent, I believe it will be one of the very few products that will actually change the world, I really want Soylent to make it big and I have even put my money where my mouth is buy purchasing three months straight up. I am very excited about Soylent and cannot wait to start.

All I have been angry about is the poorly calculated deadlines, that’s it.


Im right there with ya Benji. I am buying in to make a big change in my life. Im doing this for my personal health. I am a bad bad bad eater. When i sit down to eat, I have NO self control. I inhale my food and overeat. When there is nothing around to eat for work or at home, I head to the fast food places.

I will be using Soylent as my catalyst to head in the right direction. I need to loose weight. My cholesterol and blood pressure suck. I dont eat fruits or vegitables that often. I am highly excited that this product will deliver what my body has needed for 30 years that it never gets on a regular basis. I am on edge excited that this product will be what my health needs!