Professions - What is everyone doing?


It’s a simple question, I’m just interested in what everyone does for a living.
I have a feeling that most people currently trying Soylent are programmers or similar, but…we shall see.

Give as much or little detail as you like!

I’ll start:
I’m a Security Analyst in online gambling => I deal with fraud.


I’m a college student majoring in computer science.


Automotive repair management.


not. But I spent the last eight years as a manager at an art museum. Looking to work at some non-profits trying to stop human trafficking


IT guy, specialised a bit more on fixing and dealing with pc hardware and stuff like that. Freelancing atm


Self employed indie game developer – mostly do programming and game/level design, but can dip into art or whatever else needs to be done. Some contract work, some of my own stuff.


I’m a Chemistry Grad Student - I work in Inorganic Chemistry though, so it’s pretty far from nutrition stuff. xD


Coder. I believe that most people here will be from IT


Spinal Cord Injury Nurse


Mechanical Engineer.


self proclaimed genius.


MD, doing internship at the moment. PhD in pharmacology.


Computer Programmer. Desktop and Web.


Programmer, working as a freelance web developer at the moment.


Programmer, currently studying again.


Computing Science graduate
-I would have personally assumed it was more chemistry / biology grad students tbh,
but pleasantly surprised to find I’m not the only programmer! :smiley:


Software Architect (fancy title for 20yr programmer :smile:)


Grad student in cognitive science and computer science.


biomedical engineer at the university of michigan


Graduate student, studying medieval and renaissance music. Assuming there are not too many of us here :stuck_out_tongue: