Professions - What is everyone doing?


Being serious: that sounds like an interesting topic.


Post-graduate artist/designer, trying to get a foot in the door of games industry.
atm freelancer, bit contract work.


Programmer and International man of mystery


I hope your code is really good because googling for your username gives me a lot if information…


Web app developer / Internet marketer with a passion for everything that interests me :smile:


BTW, what interests me is what this forum is run on? This open source?


It’s built with Discourse from @jatwood and the creators of StackOverflow if i’m not mistaken

@ruipacheco yeah, those jackasses from google are ruining my business


your standard nerd… aka sys admin


@nesukun - yeah i found it, 3 sec google search. I suffer from a severe case of Rubyphobia.


i own a giant photo studio


Do you take giant photos?


I’m an OTR truck driver. This means I spend long periods of time sitting and am often limited to the food available at truck stops for my nutritional needs. This is bad. Truck stop food is more often than not deep fried and awful for you even before the fat bath. When I first started this career I was 206 lbs. I’m now 243 lbs and feeling sluggish. My skin is getting pretty bad and my concentration seems to be slipping. I’m seriously worried about my health and safety which is what first prompted me to start searching for alternative sources of sustenance. I’d be more than willing to buy a few months of premixed dry Soylent this moment if he would sell it to me. Something has to give as I live in my truck for weeks at a time and cant bring much in the way of groceries with me.


Freelance system analyst (software engineering) here


This story inspires me. I’d love to hear your progress in testing soylent. Any chance you can do blood workup of your old diet vs your new diet and create a small little blog/keep us updated?


Law student… hopefully future lawyer!


Art Director in silicon valley


Computer Games Design Student :stuck_out_tongue:


If its something simple like blood sugar testing with test strips then I don’t mind. I have an irrational fear of hypodermic needles. Doubly irrational since I have tattoos… I copied the “Poor Mans Soylent” recipe down and plan to order the supplies once I return home. It will still be a few weeks after that before I can begin as I am only home for 6 to 8 days a month. Ill be as thorough as I can be in reporting my physical and cognitive changes once I start.


I work on a drilling rig. I work 12 hour shifts, 14 days at a time. My search for sustenance is very much like his. We’re often in desolate remote locations and even near a town I just don’t have the time nor energy to go shopping.

I find myself cramming calories to keep from dragging after just 6 hours of labor.

My first year I was working 28 days at a time. We always drilled just outside of a small town. The only thing open when I wasn’t on tour was a gas station. I often wonder where I found the energy to throw tongs for 12 hours straight.

I haven’t tried Soylent yet but look forward to putting it through its paces. I’ve been unable to locate a recipe.


we print giant pictures. we have a 60" printer