Professions - What is everyone doing?


VA Government Contractor, Digitizing Medical Records to reduce the time it takes to decide a Veteran’s Claim, its a pilot program. Was in banking for five years before that.


College student majoring in computer science in one year. Specialization in Augmented/Virtual Reality and Image Processing.


IT unProfessional. Character limit.


Nephrology Nurse and it is good to see the various professions represented


Business Development / Pre Sales for one of the biggest software companies in the world


Undergraduate student, probably going to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

My day job is at a plant nursery.

I see no logical reason to spend more time than absolutely necessary on food when it’s not for entertainment purposes. Hence, Soylent is a long-overdue optimization for my life.


Chemical engineering/ MBA work in medical devices and pharmaceuticals.


(HTML) app developer, and tech-related entrepreneur.


translator now, bg in sociology, will be aiming for a phd in human dev and education.


Web developer. PHP/Ruby/Javascript


I work as a software developer in the retail point of sale and payment systems industry. I have a B.S. in Computer Science and am currently working on an M.S. in the same.


I’m studying Systems Design Engineering at the University of Waterloo. I’m a software developer and aspiring mindware developer.


I’m just a run of the mill Computer Nerd.


Wrapping up 2 yrs as a management consultant - background in Computer engineering.
Switching gears to startups, generally in the QS space


What do you call mindware?


Isn’t that what psychology does?


Not really, but I have often seen this idea in TV!
Usually the guy trying to repattern others ended up being shot by one of his wives. :smiley:


Undergrad in biology at the moment, planning on going into either neuroendocrinology or computational neuroscience.


I’m a computer programmer. I work as a contractor, presently for a stock exchange in London. However, my speciality is with a product named Ab Initio (1000 points to anyone who’s ever hear of it).

I’m in the process of adapting @CuriousBen’s recipe a bit and putting a shopping list together for order at the end of the week. :slight_smile:


I am a graduate student studying public health, specifically I study epidemiology and my focus is on HIV/STD prevention. Afterwards, I will hopefully be attending medical school.