Professions - What is everyone doing?


Do let me/us know what you come up with, Curious Ben is curious! :smiley:


I’m an artist. I paint, draw, sculpt.

take a look


Finance investment professional - private equity


Burn intensive care nurse


Retired zookeeper.

@malcolmmcc I would definitely read your blog.


I work part-time as a Model and part-time as a Salesperson.


Graduate student in organic chemistry


A high school teacher


Well my most recent blog post is actually somewhat on the subject:

This is a small-scale example of a simple personal mindware upgrade, but I’m also currently working with a team of people on a much more significant project to transform culture. The others largely don’t refer to it as mindware, but I find that framing it that way helps me unify my sense of what I’m doing in life.

Psychology is about noticing statistical patterns. What I’m focused on is on noticing personal patterns and social patterns, and transforming them.


What do the others call it then?


Retired jack of all trades, master of none. 65 year old single male that doesn’t cook worth a darn. Concerned that as I age my nutritional needs are not being met with my TV dinner style diet. Caught an interview with Rob on NPR. Heard the name Soylent (easy to remember), web search led to more info and the campaign website. Participated with 1 month supply. Judging from campaign success, this is a product whose time has come.


Programmer. Mostly production support.


Geospatial Engineer :slight_smile:


I’m a singer in my own Band…travel round the pubs and clubs of Northern Ireland.

Best job in the world. :smile:


You don’t need Soylent, you have Guinness.


Oh…now you’ve just gone and put me in the mood for one. :smiley:


Programmer and Olympic athlete


I am a professional broke-as-fuck kid. Didn’t graduate high school, and can’t go to college because I suck at school.
(If anyone needs someone to do basically any kind of menial labor for them, hit me up. I’m serious. I’ve been living off of boxed mac and cheese and mooching off of my amazing partner who honestly doesn’t make enough money to support my ass. I’m a decent writer, I type 50-60 wpm and I read 400-500 wpm sooo…yeah, not a whole lot of useful things but hey, a guy can try. I am one hundred percent serious right now.)


Graphic designer, working from home in Sequim, WA.


Talentscout and programmer for a Theatre. Have to see a lot of shows that start at 20:30 in many places over my country. Finding a table in a good, affordable restaurant is hard and no fun when your on your own. Started last monday with a DIY recipe. 8 of the 13 meals since then have been soylent. I feel great.