Professions - What is everyone doing?


Ha ha, a lot of you guys have real jobs. I’m 23 and working as a Jimmy John’s delivery driver.


@CuriousBen - I am a MySQL DBA / Linux Admin (My title is “MySQL DBA”, but our team is responsible for everything but the hardware, so… yeah). I’m male, 30 years old, and live in Arizona (though hopefully not for too much longer :smile: ). 5’ 9", 235 lbs (not muscle, unfortunately) and I have a horrible diet, similar to what @rob said he was on pre-Soylent. Anything else you care to know?


Credit card numbers, address, bank account number please.


Hah! I don’t use credit cards any more. If I can’t afford it, I don’t buy it. The rest, well… I guess I did leave that wide open. My address and bank account number are 123 W. NOBODY’S BUSINESS Road and 123456789. Have fun. :wink:


I’m a regional truck driver for a large company based in Green Bay WI, however, I live in Indianapolis. I’m interested in Soylent so that I can avoid the cost and horrible truck stop/fast food fare that are the only viable offerings while on the road. Since the fast food chains have crushed the local “Mom & Pops” diners/restaurants, poor nutrition is the “norm”. Soylent will give me the option of good nutrition and the freedom to bypass the corporate fast food junk.


Hi Houlegate… John here, Pumpkin driver for the last 8 yrs doing regional.


I’m a Server/System Administrator for a decent sized company or 8000+ employees. Also an aspiring personal trainer hoping to start a fitness revolution. Help people realize how great it feels to be in shape and how it can change your life.


Service account manager for a CUSO (Credit Union Service Organization). Technical & business analysis type stuff.


Graduate student in philosophy, studying mathematical logic.


Internet marketer extraordinaire.


Direct support professional, working with developmentally-disabled adults.


I’m a research assistant at a robotics lab. Lots of time spent sitting, and lots of time spent cursing the very premise of a robot. Lots of hardware and software debugging and repair.

Incidentally, if you have any ideas how to improve a model of a large robot beyond the accuracy of the CAD model from the manufacturer I’d love to talk to you. Right now my best guess is closing the loop by way of a pointcloud sensor mounted from the second person view, and then eyeballing it in simulation to line up the points.


So, this is what you do?


Exactly. Both the robot interaction and the watching cat videos.


I’m a hairstylist! I love Soylent because I can have a drink really quickly where otherwise most of the time I would go a whole shift without eating because time is money, and you can’t necessarily make clients wait while you eat traditional food… this product is a LIFESAVER!


Currently working as frontend developer of educational web project.

I’ve been working for a long time to learn different languages like PHP, Ruby and Java on Codepen.

But in my spare time I prefer to develop my indie game and write my gaming blog about computer hardware, graphics cards etc.

Currently I pay more attention to my Gamasutra blog and talk about new technique of programming and game graphics creation.


Welcome to Soylent…


Middle School History Teacher, 12 and 13 year olds.


I am a writer. I am writing an essay for essay writing service. In the future I want to publish a book with them.


CAD designer for an Oil Engineers firm.