Promos don't work!

I am constantly having a frustrating experience on the website. Latest example is the advertised 30VANILLA promo code is not working. Sick of this!

The code worked for me. Just ordered 2 cases.

Someone said that it doesn’t work on subscription or when used more than once. Could be the first?

Make sure also that you aren’t trying to apply it at Amazon. Doesn’t sound like you are, but thought I’d mention it. These codes are for ordering on only.

Hi Kiteia,

VANILLA30 is still active on one-time purchases only. That could be the reason the code is showing up invalid. Please reach out to customer service if you’re still having a problem and they can automatically apply it for you.


Sammy I ordered as a one time purchase and I didn’t see any exclusions for mint chocolate or subscription holders anywhere in the process all the way through check out. There was also no stated prohibition to using my accumulated rewards points in this purchase. I’ve run into offers from Soylent in the past that excludes subscription accounts, even though I would think those would get preferential treatment, so it’s no surprise that you come up with this now.

Suffice to say I’m disappointed and not happy even though I will remain a loyal customer. I don’t believe I’ll be responding to any more “special offers” though. Just keep your “free” case Ok

On Fri, Nov 29, 2019 at 5:36 PM Sammi (Soylent) wrote:

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Sammi (Soylent)

Nov 29, 15:36 PST
Hi Jaxon!

Good evening! Thanks for reaching out! Our Black Friday deal is Buy 2 cases, get 1 free! You must add 3 items to the cart for the discount to apply. This is only for “ONE-TIME” orders. Subscriptions and Mint Chocolate are not eligible.

I am sorry, but, since your order includes the Mint Chocolate, it is not eligible for the Black Friday deal. You can reorder with eligible products, then return your original order for a refund.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I am happy to help!


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