Proof that multiple versions of 1.4 exist?

I’ve noticed a number of threads about varied experiences of the flavor and texture of 1.4, but haven’t seen anyone dive into why this is the case. I originally ordered a single week of 1.4, and felt it was a very neutral flavor, relatively thin consistency, and just a little bit “slimy”. I was fine with it and didn’t understand all the fuss. I then ordered a 2 week supply of Soylent, made my first batch and realized it seemed TOTALLY different. The consistency was much thicker, the flavor was closer to “flour” or the non-sweet cake batter people describe, and less oily. I double checked my boxes, and yep, both labeled 1.4

So now I ordered another one week shipment, started on it early, and lo and behold, it was back to the thinner, slightly sweeter but no “flour” flavor version. So, for the record, both boxes I ordered for a 1 week batch were the thinner non-flour version, and the two boxes I ordered for a 2 week batch seem to be the thicker, flour flavor version.

Further evidence, check out this picture of the two boxes:

The one on the left is from my two week batch. The lot number is totally different (L5071) and the expiration date is a full YEAR later than the one on the right, which was my one week batch (the thinner version). The boxes are also different sizes, but BOTH are labeled 1.4. What would explain a year difference in expiration dates of 1.4 except for different ingredients?

Is it possible that early batches of 1.4 still used ingredients from 1.3, hence the earlier expiration date, and they’re trying to get rid of them as quickly as possible by fulfilling them as one week batches?

Any other thoughts/explanations?


I believe someone mentioned that there were two different factories producing it. (I think?)

I wonder if you got one batch from one of the factories and another from the other.

Or, possibly they have changed the formula slightly?

I know the difference in expiration dates was explained by @Conor (here is the link) that they backed off the two year expiration at some point just to be more conservative. (No change to ingredients.)

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Can you post a pic of the bags from each box? There was another thread a week or so ago that got closed. The OP in that thread said the bags themselves where slightly different.

Before Soylent got up to speed on shipping, I gave a friend of mine one of my one week boxes from my month subscription while she was waiting for hers to arrive – when it did, she gave me one week back. I noticed that the box was taller than the ones I had received (and was still working through) with my 28-bag batch. I just started that box this week and it tastes completely different (not as good) and the consistency is a lot thinner.

The 1.3 boxes where not quite the same size as the 1.4 boxes I received. It’s possible that they may may be getting boxes from more than one supplier and they are not exactly the same.

I think I read somewhere that they may have changed their expiration dates to err on the side of caution. (i.e. they may have changed from a 2 year date to a 1 year date just to be on the safe side).

We constantly improve the boxes. This is something that happens on a regular basis. The goal is to have our packaging be as efficient as possible.


Ok. That explains why the boxes are different. But why do the contents of the bags seem to be as different as the boxes they come in?

I have a weeks worth of 1.3 sitting at home and one of the reasons I don’t swap it for 1.4 is because I fear this problem. That is, if there are multiple versions of 1.4 I think someone with the “bad” version would be more open to a swap to anything else than someone with the “good” version.

I just took a bag out of each box. Yes, the ones in the “old” tall box are in bigger bags than the ones in the smaller “new” box. But as Conor said, all that might just be ways to subtly improve on the efficiency of packaging.

As you say, it doesn’t explain the differences in flavor and consistency, unless I’m just going crazy. I personally prefer the taste and consistency of the “old” ones, which thinner, only very slightly sweet, with almost no flavor.

The “new” ones have a thicker consistency (like a smoothie), have a more “flour” flavor. Though anecdotally I do notice less of a phlegm reaction to he new ones, and perhaps the thicker consistency was intended to increase fullness, so perhaps Soylent sees these as improvements (not worthy of a full version change).

Since taste and consistency are such hot topics though, switching them in the middle of a version (if they did), and sending out different versions to the same person (as appears to have happened with me) seems rife for creating discord and goes against people acclimating to the new flavor.

There is a natural and very small degree of variance of ingredient percentages but it’s all rigorously tested and safe. I talked to the dev team about color variations and that is primarily a result of the ingredients being plants based. I hope this clears up and answers a few questions.

Edit (posted to soon)

So to address the thread, there are no sub versions of 1.4, but the nature of food production means there is always going to be slight variations.


Thanks for the info, Conor! :+1:

Hey! When I buy bags of Cheese Puffs, they are all exactly identical! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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But are they food?

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Huh, my first shipment of 1.4 came in the taller boxes too (they were bigger than my one remaining box of 1.3), and it was great. My second shipment came in the more-compact boxes and was slimy and flour-y and gross. I wonder if one of the factories was still using the big boxes for a while, and just happened to be more consistent in the 1.4 it was making. It’s weird that small variations in the ingredients can produce such a drastic change in taste/texture.

They’re made from food… partially.

My first and latest batches were L* prefixes… Both extra creamy and zero aftertaste. I’ll have to check the batch prefix on the previous one that occasionally had a bitter aftertaste… (Edit) latest batch had 2yr exp. previous was 1yr.

Yep, agree with what you put in the other thread Greg. L batches seem to be thick, floury, less aftertaste, whereas C batches are thinner, flat slightly sweet flavor profile, but slight aftertaste. It’s kinda odd that Soylent just doesn’t acknowledge this at all and attributes it to “natural differences”, when it seems very consistently tied to specific batches.

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My 1.4 history so far…

L5049 2/17
G5078DA 2/17
C15054P02 2/16
L5069 3/17

Yup, it was the C* batch that had the occasional aftertaste. I don’t remember much about the first L* batch other than I really liked it! Interestingly I shared that first batch with a housemate who had good results with it, but he didn’t do as well on the G* batch… No problem with taste, but he claimed some GI stress, less energy and less satiation (compared to the first batch).

Other than taste/texture differences (which I’ll try to pay more attention to now) clearly the batch labels between the three prefixes were printed with different machines. Not sure if that means they were made in three different facilities.
L* is large font, one line
G* is small font, two lines
C* is small font, one line


Interesting. I went home at lunch (always have chilled soylent at home for lunch :)) and checked my bags and boxes, all C. I’m subscribed to 2 weeks. I doubt i’ve ever had anything but C, my 1.4 has always tasted the same, and I do like it.

But it sounds like there’s definitely a few different versions of 1.4 out there and it sounds like it depends on which factory it came from. My 2 week orders always come from bloomington, CA. (My older versions of soylent came from there too, btw.)