Props for good customer service

I’m a noob, and this is my first post. I thought that Soylent deserves some kudos for good service.

I have received a couple of small orders to try Soylent out, and just place another one good for I think a month (three boxes of powder). Yesterday, I got notification from FedEx saying “delivered,” but it did not in fact arrive. I had it sent to work, but the package was nowhere to be found. I called FedEx, but they couldn’t tell me anything useful. I went into work today, just to look for the package, and it’s still not there. I call again, and they said they were trying to trace it, but had no other information.

I wrote to Soylent to report the issue. Within 15 minutes I got rely apologizing, and saying that they’re sending another shipment immediately.

So, thank you Soylent for such a quick and generous response. I’m just about out of Soylent, so here’s hoping I get more soon, so I can keep up my new Soylent diet.


Soylent has always been good at fixing this kind of issue. Of course, now you will find the original shipment has been sitting somewhere off to the side all this time. :slight_smile:

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Similar thing happened to me long ago… I forget exactly but it was something like it was mis-delivered or “lost” or somesuch. Soylent replaced the whole order (a month’s worth) immediately… they’ve always been really good about any such issues in my experience. Same when we recently got a “bad” box of cacao… tasted like plastic. They sent out a replacement box immediately. :+1:


Soylent will also refund any product if you buy a box to try and turns out you don’t like it. They really do have superb customer service. I suppose they probably need to considering they rely on subscriptions not one time purchases.


Yup they are excellent.

Yeah, Soylent customer service is pretty good. Even when I stopped buying it (I switched to Biolent about 2 months ago) and had to cancel my last order, they were super cool about it. The only time I had an issue with them was during the 1.7 recall and it was over the pricing of the temporary 2.0 substitute discount, which really wasn’t their fault and it did eventually get sorted.

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