Protein for the Soy-sensitive+Lactose Intolerant

I know my body is lactose intolerant and taking lactase doesn’t help. The signs are pointing to it having a soy sensitivity (bloating, sleepy, etc.) now.

What are my protein options that don’t have lactose or soy? Pea protein seems ok except the flavor is awkward. Hemp protein has way too much fiber per grams of protein and tastes gross for any amount over 1 tablespoon per serving of Soylent.

:’( stupid digestive system. Help

Muscle Feast make a great protein isolate that is lactose free.

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How sensitive are you to lactose?

Whey protein isolate, while made from milk, has very little lactose, if any, left in it. Keep in mind this is not the same thing as whey protein concentrate. Whey concentrate will most likely have unacceptable amounts of lactose in it.

This one has less than a gram of lactose per serving. So depending on your recipe you would be having less than 2-3g of lactose per day or at most 1g per serving of soylent.


Woo hoo! Apparently the lactose level in whey protein isolate is so low my body is ok with it.

Too bad it’s do much more expensive than soy protein isolate :’(

Edited: Is pigeon pea protein available in your country, if so you could check it out. Or simply buy some pigeon peas if they are available, boil them in a pressure cooker with some salt and turmeric added. The resulting paste after boiling also tastes strangely wonderful even just consuming by itself.

Yes, it is. I’m in the USA. Based on the taste, I’m 95% positive the pea protein I have is made from pigeon peas as it tastes like some Indian and Ethiopian food.

Indian food (i am assuming you tried it in restaurants) uses many different kind of peas. Especially north indian food (which most indian restaurants serve). Pigeon pea is mostly used in southern indian cuisine. Seriously try it, its a complete source of protein by itself, heavy metal free (any peas are heavy metal free to my knowledge, feel free to verify ofcourse) and lactose free,Vegan and low GI.

Edit: But buy the most expensive you can afford, as some substances are added to cheaper varieties to increase the weight.

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