Protein from bacteria


In the future, I imagine that we’ll have vats of bacteria, who produce a drink that contains everything we need. I think they make amino acids this way, and I recently read about some american scientist, who’s found a way to make carbs from cellulose. I imagine that it would be cheap. Do you guys know more?


A company called pronutria is working on bacteria produced protein and other nutrients.


Yes pro nutria is doing excellent work, and this is definitely the direction I’d like this to go. Could you possibly find more information about that scientist making carbs from cellulose? I would love to read more about that.


I think protein is the low hanging fruit, here. Most protein sources are woefully inefficient in resources such as water, agricultural land and energy. And Pronutria is making claims about being able to synthesize proteins that have specific properties to make them highly palatable to humans while retaining health benefits, at a cost of 1/10th more traditional protein sources. If they can pull that off, it has the potential to be highly disruptive.


Thx for the answers. This is a link to Science Dialy about carbs from cellulose: