Protein Isolate VS Concentrate


The price difference per gram of protein seems to be pretty substantial and for people that dont have a problem with lactose, why is everyone here so set on isolate? Am I in a group full of bodybuilders getting ready for a show? Even at the forums most people say its not worth the extra dollars. What am I missing?

“Isolate is more “isolated” to be pure protein with the possibility of no lactose, cholesterol, etc., it also contains naturally forming BCAA.
Concentrate is the byproduct of cheese-making which is considered to be more “whole” due to its small amounts of fat and cholesterol while still having BCAA.” source:


Protein isolate comes with a minimal amount of micronutrients, so you’re simplifying the recipe vs adding high protein soy flour, or whey, or some other ingredient. Using flours instead of isolate as a sole source of protein is certainly viable, but tend to put the recipe on the high end for certain minerals, manganese specifically, and that can be toxic.

Isolates are simpler to work with. :smile:


I would add that when you’re looking at buying in bulk, there isn’t a huge price difference when you boil it down to grams of protein per dollar.
Soylent is a very interesting optimization problem. While concentrate may be cheaper overall, oils are a cheaper and better source of fat, and flour is a better source of carbs. When you factor that in to the mix, it may be smarter, cheaper, and more efficient to work with a pure protein source.