Protein powder full nutritional info


Wondering if anyone has found any good source of info for the full nutritional breakdown of protein powders. I have tried contacting the sellers (myprotein here in the uk) and they basically didn’t know.

I am (despite the taste) going to be going with plant based proteins as something in whey isolate isn’t agreeing with me, so for example, take sunwarrior protein:

The label gives very little info: vitamin c, calcium and iron are listed, and nothing else. Yet above, it is stated: ‘Naturally rich in vitamins and minerals, and other essential nutrients such as thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, phosphorous, iron, and potassium’

This is a significant problem for soylent making using vegan sources :frowning:

I have contacted this company (though I am not hopeful they will be able to answer with any degree of certainty, if they answer at all).

Anyone found any full nutritional information about rice / hemp / pea proteins? (at least with a general idea I can make an estimate)


On that note I just realized that even for ON whey they didn’t list all the amounts of micronutrients. According to wolframalpha, whey contains large amounts of riboflavin and phosphorus (I assume naturally), but its data listed a significant source of carbohydrate, so obviously isn’t the same whey sold by ON.

Anybody else have any info on this?


I now use Provon 292 whey protein isolate. Cost $400 for a 20kg bag; which is $1.50 per 100g of protein cheaper then ON.
Plus, I get a product data sheet.

Provon 292 is a 90% protein base while ON is only 75% so I don’t know how close they are to each other.


have you tried legally, companies don’t need to supply this information so it isn’t necessarily something they would pay for analysis of, but their suppliers may well provide the info (for marketing purposes) if you can get through to a helpful person. data sheets are more about proving safety of the product rather than information on micronutrients. so they don’t need to contain a breakdown beyond the big 4/little 4, standard on all packaging with health claims. a
alternatively are helpful people and might be able to supply you info. they also have a variety of plant-based protein isolates which might suit you better.
Lots of people on here use this site which has some common proteins and isolates listed but i couldn’t find hemp on there. the hemp wiki page has a full nutritional breakdown of hulled hemp seeds. you may be able to find info about its specific protein / isolate nutritional if you backtrack through some of the links used there.



Have contacted bulkpowders, see if they can shed any light :slight_smile: - tried to contact pulsin as well but their form wasn’t working, will try again later. I couldn’t find anything on the self magazine site about protein powders :(.

Failing any specific information I am probably going to have to make a bit of a guess from what I have found out from some labels and any piecing together of anything I can find from the rest of the web.


On you can find the nutritional content of all the powders supplied by (google search link).
This includes hemp, rice, pea and soy powders. Their protein powders are probably very similar to other protein powders.


hemp has a lot of information about it.
You can buy them here if not at your local grocery store


Thanks Joseph and Jsr, those links and the pdf are pretty much perfect. Should give me enough to go on to make some educated guesses :slight_smile: