PSA: Do not shake the pitcher with HOT WATER


Myself, like most folks dont read the fine print of instructions. I started using warm water to mix my soylent b/c IMO it makes it less gritty the next morning.

So at 1am I had an OH SHIT moment b/c i washed my pitcher but i forgot to mix a new batch. So half awake, i got lazy for my tap to go from hot to warm water. So it was pretty hot. I did my normal fill 1/3 with water and add powder.

I did the shuffle truffle and HOLY CRAP did i take a soylent shower. DO NOT RECOMMEND. So if you happen to look at the top of the lid in print that matches the green it says DO NOT SHAKE WITH HOT LIQUID. So yeah…hot liquid gets past the seal when shaking…



did it make you feel cleaner or dirtier then a normal shower?




How’s your farts? xxxx


mustard with a hint of A1


And here we see the question all Soylenters will be asked by everyone.



maybe it’s best to stick with stirring


warm water was fine…it was just because i used hot water instead…so yeah…if you use hot, then you will need to stir.